When to use High-pass filter in Audio Consoles?

Howdy SEA Fans, For the past couple of years, on every tuesday, our official blog is updated with weekly tips related to Sound Engineering.

As you all know the section is named ‘Tip Tuesday’. From this week onwards we are providing tips in video format along with text content.

This week Sanu Dharan, our faculty member is discussing about how to use the hi-pass filter switch with a Dynacord Mixer.  and here is the video.

What is High Pass Filter?

A high-pass filter (hpf) is an audio frequency filter that cuts (filters out) frequencies below a set level.

The high-pass filter (hpf) switch is available in almost all consoles and it is the most under-used one in Audio Console and it is commonly labeled as labeled as “/80” or “/100.”

Some consoles have 80hz, some others have 100hz and others have a knob which can be used to set the frequency the hi-pass filter must be applied and digital consoles which are prevalent in the industry have the same on the EQ Side.

Today we are looking a Dynacord mixer and the switch’s function. The console is having 80hz cut off.

If you press this button it is going to cut or roll off frequencies below 80hz.

What is actually the use of it?

Ofcourse it is going to cut-off unwanted noises, wind sound which you want avoid while mixing a band.

Speaking in the real sense, if you have 4 chorus microphones and you want to cut below 80hz it will roll of the wind sound and all the acoustic mess.

This you can achieve quickly by pressing a single button.

But keep in mind that Guitars doesn’t need that and it is recommended for kick-drum and base guitars too.

The high-pass filter channel control shouldn’t go untouched.

It’s one more way you can clear up your mix and provide the best sound possible.

New Sound Engineers and those who are enthusiastic about the field will be finding the information useful.


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