Tips on How to Clean and Properly Maintain your Consoles and Audio Gears

What sound companies need and expect is the uncompromising performance of their audio equipment?

Why it is because they have made their huge investments on the equipment rather than any thing else. It is a fact that many sophisticated audio equipment costs more than a luxury car or even a house.

Most of the audio manufacturers recommend that the equipment must undergo a through cleaning at least twice a year and many sound companies don’t even tidy up their equipment once in a year. Sound companies won’t devote quality time in cleaning up their equipment in a proper way and blame the audio manufacturers for their under performance.

Yes, it is truly a detested task for the folks working in audio companies to maintain and clean the consoles and audio gears to make sure that they deliver at its best and protect the investment.

Companies who are conscious and concerned about their investment they have made and those who don’t settle for an nonperformance of their gadgets and consoles, devote quality time in this pursuit.

Today we are sharing links which explain in detail on how to clean, grime off and perfectly maintain your audio system, tips on cleaning of vintage stereo equipment and video on how to correctly clean and amplifier which hasn’t been cleaned since it has been started using.

Zen & The Art Of Mixing Console Cleaning & Maintenance

How to Clean Your Audio System

Clean Vintage Stereo Equipment

A video showcasing how to clean an amplifier.

Do you know any tips on the cleaning of audio equipment, consoles and gears?

Thanks in advance for share it with us and comment which will be helpful for our students as well as professionals who are going through this blog.

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