18 Must have tools for Successful Live Sound Engineers.

When talking about live sound engineering projects, there might be situations in the life of sound engineers where they had to run for some essentials tools which are needed for fixing any inconsistency / errors in the sound systems, consoles, during the designing and testing of the sound environment. If a live sound engineering carries with him some tools / gadgets then it will be helpful for the engineer to ease the work as well as a big help during any work related emergencies.

Listed below are some of must have tools needed for professional audio engineer.

1) Laptop
(Keep in mind that you load software and firmware which are specifically for your Sound Engineering Job)
2) An apple iPod or any other reliable music playback source.
3) LED headlamp or any other emergency light source
(A light source will come in handy when there may be no light source in and around the console)
4) Multi-tool Kit (it is expensive to buy a good quality toolkit but it is a one time investment which lasts a lifetime)
5) Audio Cable Tester / Line Tester
6) Audio Connectors / Converters
7) All types of USB cables and Firewire cables
8) RTA Microphone
9) Sound Card having 2 Input and 2 Output slots
10) Screwdriver Set, Players, Wire Strippers
11) Soldering Iron and Kit
12) Stereo E.P cable
13) Allen Key set and Flower Allen Key
14) Gaff Tape, White Paper Tape, Marker, Insulation Tape.
15) Laser distance Meter / Meter tape
16) Digital Multimeter
17) Alkaline batteries AA, PP3 , AAA for extended life
18) Leather Gloves with an insulated liner for working with electricity (In some situations sound engineers have to work on Generators and during that time glove will come in handy)

In some situations you wont be able to carry all the equipment listed above then you must have atleast the tools listed below for a successfully completing a live sound engineering project.

1) Multimeter
2) Soldering iron, paste and lead
3) EP Cable
4) Headlamp or LED Source
5) Multitool Kit

Thanks to Alish Ali (Engineer – SEA Pro) for providing the tips.

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