11 Useful Tips for Mobile Audio Recording

Hey SEA fans welcome to another #tiptuesday blog post today we are sharing tips on how to record audio with your smart phone.

As discussed in our earlier blog posts we shared an important point with you that, Nothing is more annoying than distorted audio in a movie or video.

Quality audio plays a pivotal role in captivating the audience

Nowadays the easiest way to capture sound is to use your mobile phone and most mobile phones are added with efficient apps which delivers sound in .wav format.

Flac being the successor of mp3 format, some latest versions of smart phones like iphone from apple is saving audio output file in the same format.

The tips which are provided below will be helpful for those who are recording a public performance, or an interview / conference or recording audio for movies / short films etc

1. Cut down distortion and it is safe to keep a 30cm distance between the microphone and the source.

2. Given most smartphones aren’t so flexible with setting custom gain, a small piece of tape over the microphone hole(s) on your phone and it will reduce the amount of sound that’s able to enter the mic.

3. Point the bottom of your phone to the source of the audio.

4. Turn on Airplane Mode of your mobile a turn off all the alert / notification features.

5. To record quality audio and to know what is sound disturbance is there around the place you are recording, be at the location early before recording and take a test recording.

6. Carry a good pair of headphones to listen to your recording.

7. Consider getting a better recording app. Many professional-quality recording apps exist for iOS, Android, and Windows Phones.

8.Placing the phone on a napkin can reduce unwanted noise from finger tapping or computer clicks

9. The recording quality of mobile phones is set very low to preserve storage space. If you know you have enough memory to hold the recording, enhance the recording quality of the device.

10. Plug in an External Microphone it will help to capture better sound.

11. Don’t risk running out of battery. Plug your phone into a power outlet if you are recording for longer hours.


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