Workshop on Drug Abuse and Addiction Management for Students

Every month we are having presentations / workshops on wide range of topics especially related to Sound Engineering and Media.

This month we have chosen an out of syllabus session yet an inevitable topic to be discussed in the modern world, Drug Abuse and Addiction Management.

It was our privilege that we have got an expert in the field Dr Hari Krishnan.

Dr Hari Krishnan who is currently the Head of Department of Pshycology and a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and a product of National Institute of Health, USA. He is also in charge of counseling center of university college.

The two hours interactive session was quite informative and was presented before the right audience, the young students of the academy.

It is usually the younger generation who are prone to drug abuse and chances are more that they get addicted during this age.

The relevance of this topic increases as we are living in a world where the drugs, alchool and other addictive substances are easily available though various channels in our society and it sale is now made online.

Started with the topic of what all are the common addictive substances like Alchohol, Tobacco, Cannabinolds, Sedatives, Cocaine, Caffeine, Hallucinogens, Volatile Solvents and their ramifications in the mental and physical health of a human being.

The session traversed through topics like how a person end up being a drug addict and factors affecting it, how our family life get affected if an person becomes drug addict, social and cultural consequences if a person is addict and genetic reasons associated with it.

Several tips has been shared in the session by the presenter on how to identify a person who is drug addict, tips on how to refrain from drug abuse and how to withdraw a person from smoking, drug and alchohol abuse.

Several questions were answered by Dr Hari Krishnan which students and staff has asked regarding the topic.

We, the management, staff and students of the academy take this opportunity to thank Mr. Hari Krishnan who made a presentation in the academy upon our request.

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