Wireless Loud Speaker System, An Innovation in itself.

Technology is moving forward at a faster pace than we think and taking us to wire free rather a worry free world.

About 2 years back Samsung had introduced wireless charging for their mobile phones, and we were quite curious to know about that technology. Recently mobile giant Apple have declared that they are coming up with a technology to re-charge your mobile batteries with Wi-Fi, so need of wires and you can charge you mobile by holding it in your hand while in the Wi-Fi range.

Like the new technologies mentioned above, many technological updates which we assumed that, it will not emerge a decade ago is now a reality.

With regard to Sound Engineering, one thing that sound engineers were dubious about the technology updates was with regard to wireless speakers. For the past 3 to 4 years personal wireless speakers is a favorite choice among music lovers, thanks to Bluetooth technology.

Now wireless technology for loud speaker system is already out and now you can connect more than one speaker to your music player or mixer.

Wireless Speakers for Homes
Music is disturbing often, especially if it is associated with noise,” said Wilhelm Busch. But that is only half the truth. Because there are enough people who can not get enough of music and want to hear their favorite songs not only in the living room, but also in the hallway, in the bathroom or in the kitchen at the same time as well.

Wireless Speakers are now become common in households.

In order to address the above mentioned issue raised by music lovers, the music industry is now holding some innovations: for example, the “Wireless SoundBox“. A loudspeaker system that allows music to be transferred from the computer wire free and to up to 20 speakers distributed throughout the house.

The Wireless SoundBox transmits digital music signals in a 2.4 gigahertz range via a small transmitter unit in USB stick format. The distance between the transmitter unit and the loudspeakers can be up to 25 meters. Enough to protect even villas from the cellar to the attic.

In addition, each individual stereo speaker with soft-touch interface has an individual volume control as well as a line-in connection for MP3 players or another audio source. The Wireless SoundBox is powered by four batteries or a USB port. The starter set contains the transmitter unit as well as a loudspeaker box.

Wireless Speakers for Live Sound
Now a days a music concert or an event which involves live sound reinforcement demands different kinds of audio cables and connectors. The people involved in the live sound have to carry lots of these cables to and from the venue to get the job done.

Audio Technology is fast updating itself, it is been expected that within 3 to 4 years from now, there will be drastic change in the field of live sound reinforcement and it will be wireless world.

Sennheiser recently introduced complete wireless integrated PA systems for professional use. No cables, no sockets, no compromises – Sennheiser LSP 500 Pro makes use of less infrastructure and saves time. With up to 3 expansion bays for wireless microphone receiversBluetooth music streaming, as well as built-in USB interface with player / recorder functionality, the LSP 500 PRO provides perfect connectivity.

It features included, Complete wireless integrated PA system, Wireless control via iPad or Windows device, Professional 2-way speaker, Battery powered, Integrated Bluetooth and USB player, Integrated 7 channel audio mixer

Sound Engineering Academy is technically updating itself to move into a wireless world. An year back academy had included a wireless mixing console named Soundcraft Ui exclusively for traning pupose, so the students will be getting trained on the emerging technology.

With the technological updates mentioned it is quite evident that audio technology is abruptly reshaping itself to a wire-free world and those who are working in the field and studying has have to update themselves to adapt to the new technology.

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