Why is it important to read the User Manual?

Hey SEA fans welcome to another #tiptuesday blog post, in every blog post we used to share information which is quite useful for audio engineers and those who are interested to know more about audio engineering.

Today we are talking about a general topic, a thing which all of you are aware of but usually discards.

It is about the admonition of reading the user manual that comes with a product.

The fact is that whenever you buy a new gadget or device the package contains an instruction manual and only few people are going through the same before operating the gadget others usually throws it into the dust bin.

As an audio engineer do you read the the instruction manuals when you buy a new audio product?

Even though the the technical aspects of the gadget like those things which affects the life of the product, which is being described in simple English and in various other languages we never reads it.

Consider a situation, when we are buying a new mobile phone, we definitely don’t read the user manual because we are quite confident that we already knows every thing about the gadget and will start using it. The need for reading the user manual arises when you want to know about the specific features of gadget which are clubbed with that product by that brand.

If it is an android phone many companies used to alter the basic os and add unique features to it, to know those features we definitely have to go through the instruction manual.

How many of you know the sensors which are there on your mobile?

An user manual usually has information regarding the same many of users are unaware of the same. It is a fact that those individuals who are looking at only basic aspects like video quality and mega pixel of the camera and overall physical appearance are not concerned about the features mentioned above and for them user manual is a set of printed paper.

Another way to “read the instruction manual” is to give ourselves the time we need to prepare and set up. After all, the reason we skip reading instructions is that we want to jump in and start doing something immediately, without taking the time to prepare.

The professional life of audio engineers depends on various electronic devices like the mixers, speakers and microphones an no institute in this world can guide you through the features which is added with each and every product product.

You will say that every information about the product is available in the internet and it is rubbish to read the user manual.

What if you are working on a place where there is no internet connection and there is no one there to help you to fix an issue with the product or situation in which you are using a brand new product and less information is available about the product in the internet or in the worst case where you are having internet connection but the website of company is down for the moment, what will you do?

No doubt, at that time an instruction manual will definitely act as a life saver for you.

Have you had any experiences – good or bad – with “reading the instruction manual”?

Do share it with us.


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