Why do my Speakers make Loud Popping Sound, when turned on?

Howdy SEA Fans, welcome to another tiptuesday blog post.

Last week we have discussed about how to get better sound from a Sound Bar in a home environment.

Thanks for all those who have responded to the same and this week we are discussing about a common problem which is being encountered with speakers, the loud popping sound from the speaker especially the woofer when powering up.

One person who recently bought speakers for his home theater system has a raised a question with us regarding an unusual loud popping sound when powering on the speakers after reading the previously published article.

At first we told him that a pop sound usually comes when speakers are turned on, he admitted that a small pop sound usually get emitted but this sound is like a power surge is hitting the speaker and of course it can make any one feel a bit uneasy.

We are provided him with suggestions in sorting out this issue and it got resolved.

This is a common problem faced by home speakers and we thought it would be great to address this problem which many will find it useful.

Even though we are not providing any technical recommendations or suggestions via our social media channels, this one we have taken it as a special case as the question was asked as a response to our article published previously, related to setting up a sound bar in your home.

When the person raised his concern, our faculties who are professional sound engineers has recommended solutions that helped him in solving the issue.

Our faculties have also pointed out that some speakers not only emits the loud popping sound while it is turned on but also during playbacks, that is quite annoying isn’t it?

In fact there isn’t a definitive answer to fix this issue as many factors affects this.

Today in this blog post we will be sharing those tips that been suggested by our faculties in fixing the issue.

1. Avoid using a sub standard power strip to connect the speakers and replace with a surge protector power strip.

2. All active speakers make a small pop when being powered on, but a blown woofer might really make a loud pop check whether the speaker is blown off or not.

3. Plug the electric cord directly into a properly grounded wall outlet and check whether the problem persists or not.

4. It could be an issue with something that is on the same circuit like a florescent light or a fridge. Turn off other electrical equipment that is powered from the same wall out let

5. Check after disconnecting the rca cable from the sub out on the receiver.

6. A defective FET in the amplifier can cause this. Find more details about FET Amplifier

7. In many cases Amplifier is the culprit and when replace it with good quality one solves the issue.

8. Check whether you are overriding the speaker or the amplifier. Back the volume off a bit if you think that an overriding is happening and notice any audible distortion and check whether speaker is rated for more than the amplifier is capable of delivering. Overriding happens when Speaker or Amplifier has reached its natural maximum level when the volume is turned up to much.

9. There are chances that the foam surrounding the speakers gets damaged. Inspect the foam and one can replace it if the voice coils are not damaged.

10. This has actually solved the issue and the recommendation was to check whether the voice coil is rubbing on the magnet and recone the speaker. The voice coil was causing the problem which in-turn causes the speaker to have a loud pop sound while turning on. In fact in every case with the popping sound being emitted by the speaker, this is not the issue and one of the suggestions other than this one will be helpful in solving it.

Thanks for reading and hope the tips mentioned above will be useful for you as well.

We do welcome other tips in the comment box below, apart from those mentioned above in sorting out this issue and it will be helpful for others as well.

Happy Sound Engineering.

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