Why companies prefer SEA certified professionals?

Recently a survey has been conducted among the companies dealing with Sound and Media regarding their working pattern, their recruiting methods and their promotional activities. The result has been thought provoking especially for institutions which are offering courses in Sound Engineering.

The survey has revealed that almost all the companies has been shifted to new age methods / digital methods for filling new job openings, changed their working pattern with the use of cloud computing and the companies are leveraging the possibilities of social media for communication among their employees / clients and for their promotional activities.

Are you are expert in multiple fields of Sound Engineering? Companies are looking for you.

What found interesting for us is that the companies are recruiting people those who are having a vast knowledge in the field of Sound Engineering wherein the newly appointed persons should be able to handle all type of works whether it is related to studio or with regard to live sound reinforcement.

In the earlier days people who are specialized in a particular job like sound editing / recording used to get job in that particular field and he won’t be having any experience in other domains of sound engineering.

Now a days companies related to sound don’t stick on just a single work like sound editing / recording they used to work with all aspects of Sound Engineering.

A particular company will be having a sound editing studio as well as live audio rental company. The companies think that if a person is recruited to work with the company then he should be well versed in all the aspects of Sound Engineering.

“We need SEA Certified Candidates”  

Did you noticed that in almost all the job opportunities which we publish in our social media channels, the companies ask for SEA Certified candidates.

The survey has unveiled that when HR Managers and Owners of various media / sound related companies when think of filling new job openings in their companies they give preference to candidates who have in-depth knowledge in Sound Engineering.

We, at Sound Engineering Academy, with our updated syllabus and with ample practical sessions, the students learns the in an out of audio engineering and gain numerous out of the box techniques which benefits them in the real world.

The 1 year Diploma in Sound Engineering course is designed and delivered in such a way that students learn all aspects of Sound Engineering whether it is relates to broadcasting, sound recording / editing / mixing, live sound reinforcement.

Yes SEA certification is a mark of quality education.

We have been offering this course for more than 12 years and 1000’s of students had already gained SEA Certification in Sound Engineering.

It is a fact that almost all the students who successfully passed out of the institution get placed in various reputed organizations in India as well as companies around the world.

We have our own equipments for students to learn

Unlike other institutes we have a large fleet of own equipments where the students actually get a real world experience on the latest techniques and sophisticated equipments used in the industry.

Employees of our sister-concern who are into live projects assist our students in learning new things in the industry.

It is noticed that there are many institutes who used to take audio equipments for rent from av rental companies and display the equipments before the students where they won’t be getting any hands on experience on it.

Who teaches the students?

For every institute which teaches technical courses expert faculties is quite inevitable.

With regard to Sound Engineering academy our senior faculties has been with us since our launch in 2004. Moreover our senior faculties are having 40+ years’ broad range of experience in the field which adds more value to our institution. They are able to clear whatever doubts which are raised by the students and are able to provide students with out-of-the-box techniques which are useful for them in the real world.

Students who are passing out of Sound Engineering Academy is equipped to work with any types of jobs whether it is small jobs related with audio electronics or a handling a live event.

Our Students = Marvels in Sound Engineering

As discussed above the students who are passing out of our institution are getting hands on experience in what they are supposed to work in the real world.

Our students are able to adapt to any situations / technologies when they start working with a company beyond that our students are able to trouble shoot the equipment and repair those as they are learning the basics of audio electronics during their course.

Many HR Managers and owner of companies has had appreciated the special skills which are gained by the SEA Students during their 1 year Diploma in Sound Engineering.

Moreover, the students of 1 Year Diploma in Sound Engineering are getting classes on personality development, classes on developing communication skills and inter-personal skills during their course period and we help them to develop a positive attitude towards life and their career.

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