What all we should consider before setting up a Home Studio?

It is very important to be aware of the basic needs and requirement for setting up a home studio. There are some important things to be kept in mind before starting a home studio

1. The Studio Room
We can choose any room for a basic home studio setup, but it should be free form external / outside noise like traffic, sound from factories etc. After the selection of room, you have to treat the room acoustically. We can use foam panels for absorption in walls and ceiling.
The acoustics of your room have more to do with sound quality. Please keep in mind that, sound proofing and acoustic treatment is entirely different things.
Sound proofing is intended to minimize the level of sound by blocking, them with heavy dense building material, sealing up any air gaps in windows, doors.
On the other hand acoustic treatment aims only to control sound reflections within the room to make better sounding.

2. Computer for recording
Your computer is going to be the central hub of the recording studio. it is important to upgrade your computer to get the detailed opinions.

3. Audio Interface
This is the equipment that will get your recording into your computer and will also connect to speakers or headphones, so you can hear that you are doing.

4. Microphones
First of all, you have to know about different type of microphones. You can choose an USB Microphone or XLR type as your need.

5. MIDI Keyboard
It is not necessary to have a MIDI keyboard in a home studio, if you are only planning to make straight audio recording via a microphone. But if you want to use virtual instruments (drum, synth and bars), then an entry level keyboard is a must.

6. Recording Software / DAW
Choice of software very much depends on what you want to achieve. If you want straight forward recording, you can choose any basic recording software. If you are interested in music production, you can go for music production software.

7. Headphones and Speakers
While recording, there is always a possibility that you mic will be picking up some unwanted extra voices. Combat this by picking a pair of headphones that are fully enclosed. Then set your headphone level to avoid loud volume when you’re recording quiet tracks. Besides that serving up a perfectly mixed headphone feed may make the performer feel good.
Speakers are regarded as possibly the single most important tool for achieving great sound choose those speakers specifically designed for “reference monitoring” in a recording environment.

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