Top Music & Sound Engineering Stories of the Week

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Scientists Have Discovered The Protein That Enables Hearing And Balance
Scientists at Harvard Medical School have discovered that a protein called TMC1 converts sound and head motion into electrical signals, thus enabling hearing and balance. , read more …

13 best live music venues in Hyderabad
The ones making all the right noises, read more …

A backlash to VH1 India’s live-streamed gigs highlights how bad sound quality often lets down good musicians
That the internet is a double-edged sword is widely acknowledged. It can broadcast content to millions of consumers across the world, bringing them closer to you with just the swipe of a finger. It can , read more …

Beatie Wolfe Explores The Art of Music In The Digital Age At The V&A
Technology and music have always been joined at the hip. Advantageous new recording, engineering and performance techniques have ever been quickly snapped up by the pioneers of pop music even if their fans were against it. When Bob Dylan , read more …

Industry Veteran and Loudspeaker Designer Paul Hales, Launches Theory Audio Design
Theory Audio Design loudspeakers and electronics marry startling acoustic performance with sophisticated design to bring large-scale sound to residential and commercial installations where aesthetics and compact size are paramount , read more …

Method to cancel noise without ear-blocking headphones
Disruptive noise is almost everywhere, from people talking in the office corridor to road construction down the street to the neighbor’s lawn mower. Researchers are looking to improve this noisy frustration, read more …

The festivals mixing music and science
Music festivals are increasingly becoming a venue for science as well as bands. Are music and science a good mix?, read more …

The Future of Music Festivals Is … the Internet?
After the triumph of Beychella, it seemed as though the mega-music fest was stronger than ever. But the cancellation of several high-profile events and a serious market correction has the industry reconsidering its future. And one long-running festival thinks it has the answer: make festivals into content. , read more …

Bang & Olufsen adds Google Assistant to its expensive Beosound speakers
Bang & Olufsen is making its Beosound 1 and BeoSound 2 speakers a bit smarter this fall. The company will release new versions featuring Google Assistant in September, which is a nice upgrade for speakers that , read more …

The World’s Largest Music Festival Rocks On for 11 Days with Help from DiGiCo Mixing Consoles
A wide assortment of DiGiCo mixing consoles pump out music from more than 1,000 acts to a record-breaking attendance at Milwaukee Summerfest. , read more …

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