Tips on Starting your music career

Still going on as in the Wild West in the Music Business – so you should know how to play your role as an outlaw.

In one of our previous blog post, we had shared some tips on how a music enthusiast or a person at a beginner level can start his music career journey?

This blog post serves as an addition to that blog post and discussing in detail about starting music career as a startup business and on how to sustain your music career/business which has started rolling.

Howdy SEA Fans, welcome to another Tip Tuesday blog post.

There is nothing more difficult on Earth than music promotion and the promotion of your musical career.

Both require continuous development and constant GROWTH.

No successful career can be successful – whether creative or business.

Earlier, musicians had little chance to start their music career, if they had no record deal in their pocket or at least had appropriate contacts.

So for many, it was said that they regularly wrote labels and had to perform as many performances as possible for years, always in the hope of being discovered at some point. Today, the situation looks different.

Not least thanks to the Internet, musicians, and bands have the opportunity to take their careers into their own hands and make the breakthrough without the support of a label. Of course, it requires a lot of work and dedication to take care of oneself to achieve a certain level of awareness.

But what can musicians do in practice?

Make a plan

That may sound very obvious, but let’s be honest: musicians are not necessarily masters in planning ahead.
Musicians live for the moment and that’s a good thing.
But foresight can be very helpful, especially with regard to the eternal cycle of recording, publishing, promotion and touring.
Every good startup has a roadmap – or to speak as a musician: a long-term plan.
However, startups also have a plan for the short term (reality!).
Do not be afraid of a degree of flexibility, because when circumstances change, you need to be able to adapt to them.

Publish quickly

Suppose you have been working on your first release for three years and then you have to realize that in the meantime completely different music is announced.
These changes and trends arise almost overnight. The Internet decides what is consumed.
So, what can you do?
Very easy. Publish your music while you produce it.
Publish to SoundCloud and see what works well in your community.
What do your followers, your friends say?
Use the feedback and make more music.
Your community is something like your test lab.
Publish regularly and listen to your audience feedback – it will help you do a better job.

Stay Hungry, Stay Focused

Stay tuned and work on your projects instead of going out with your friends.
It will pay off faster than you think.
Do you still remember the roadmap of your original plan? Use it.
Take 5 minutes each day and be inspired by your dreams and desires.
Stay hungry and inspired! Make some sacrifices for your art.
Stay tuned and work on your projects instead of going out with your friends.
It will pay off faster than you think.

Make mistakes, early and often

This is a well-known and somewhat worn-out business mantra, but it is simply essential for rapid development.
That may sound weird at first. But if you dare to make mistakes, you can learn much more useful things than sink into eternal mediocrity.
In mediocrity, we do not risk anything, constantly patting each other on the back and not moving on.
When we risk something and make mistakes, we have no choice but to see what we need to do better next time.

Use Technologies

Startups are not afraid to use technologies.
Musicians, on the other hand, often have baseless reservations. Do not be shy – there are now tons of useful and creative tools for musicians.
Native Instruments, Ableton, LANDR, SoundCloud and Echo Nest are just a few examples of technologies that strive to make life and music easier for you.
These tools and technologies will make your life in music easier and open up new possibilities.
Pretty much every day new technologies for making music appear and there is no end in sight for this trend. Better to jump on the car earlier than later before you miss the line.

Be Digital

There are online communities for everything.
The sooner you find yours, the sooner you will succeed.
Stale business plans will not do it anymore – you need a lean startup plan and wonderful bandmates.
So make a new plan, one that will last not only today but tomorrow.
And enjoy fast growth.

Once your works get noticed by the media and the people started recognizing you as a musician, one has to follow those things to sustain the enthusiasm and keep up the good work.

Here are a few more tips on how to Sustain Your Music Career

The fans come first.

Without fans, no musician and no band can be successful.
After all, it’s the fans who hear the music, buy the records and attend the concerts.
For all activities, fans should therefore also be the decisive criterion.

Of course, this does not mean that musicians have to involve their fans in all decisions or even have to vote in advance.
But it’s also helpful if a budding hip-hop star takes the perspective of his fans and thinks about how his actions will arrive.

Set up a website.

A homepage fulfills several functions at once.
So it is an advertising space on which the musician or the band can introduce themselves and make their music known.
It is also a focal point, a meeting place and a medium for communication between artists and fans.

In addition, the homepage is an information platform that fans can use to find out about current news, concerts, planned campaigns and much more.
The homepage does not necessarily have to be a highly professional presence with all sorts of technical gimmicks.
At first, a simple page created using a modular system is completely sufficient.
But it is extremely important that the site is updated regularly.

In addition, the site must be advertised so that potential fans can find it.

Use of the Internet.

The internet is a very helpful tool for making yourself and your music known.
Having your own homepage is the first step, but the Internet offers even more potential.
So the musician or the band should visit relevant music portals and blogs, in order to make contacts there with other music fans.

Whether the aspiring star writes his own contributions or asks a blogger to report about him, is left to his own taste.
The compulsory program should also include a presence in social networks.
After all, the ultimate goal is to increase your brand awareness and at the same time appeal to potential consumers who later buy the CDs. In that sense, it can not hurt to spread his information as widely as possible.

It is also advisable to include other musicians and bands in the network. Maybe that’s how one or the other cooperation comes about or at least tips and experience can be exchanged.

Incidentally, the idea of competition is superfluous at this point, since a hip-hop artist in particular endeavors to make himself unmistakable through his own music and the lyrics in his characteristic style.


The advertising in the music business works in principle as well as in all other business areas too. So belongs to the advertising, presence to show. This means that the musician or the band should perform as many performances as possible, in small bars, at festivals or as a prelude to concerts by other musicians.

In addition, videos of performances or rehearsals can be published on the various platforms on the Internet.

Whether performing at the local city festival, opening a shop, opening the new skate park, these are all ways to attract attention. Maybe the local press will play along and the budding star will be able to record his first newspaper article or the first radio interview.

Hope you have found the above-mentioned tips useful and it will help you in developing a lucrative music career.
Do share your view as comments below.

Happy Sound Engineering !!!

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