Tips on Protecting your ears during fireworks.

It was of day of agony for the whole world when we heard the news about the fireworks mishap that occurred in Puttingal Temple, Paravoor, Kollam in which more than 100 people have lost their lives and more than 400 people got injured. We at sound engineering academy express heartfelt condolences to those who fall victim to this incident.

The tragic event has kindled our thoughts to talk about the harmful effect of these type of blasts to human ears which might end up in losing your hearing ability.

It is believed that burning of crackers during a festival is an expression of happiness and enthusiasm. Bursting crackers, colorful explosives and zooming rockets in the sky may be a wonderful sight but hazardous to nature, animals and human beings. The loud noise of the crackers and a heavy shower of metals and chemicals from the explosions are worth keeping in mind.

Fireworks which are bursted during festivals are usually loud and the vibrations used to travel far beyond our expectation. In the middle of the night fireworks often disturb people trying to sleep. Fireworks can exceed 140 decibels and noise at 85 decibels or above can damage hearing. There are many cases where people have lost their ability to hear during fireworks. Research shows that exposure to just one very loud sound or long term exposure to loud noise can result in permanent hearing damage.

World Health Organization guidelines advise that children not be exposed to sounds that exceed 140 decibels (dB). Fireworks, however, can range from as low as 130 dB to as high as 190 dB.

After the incident the Governement of Kerala has ordered an inquiry into the incident and told that these type of fireworks display has to regulated. It was also shared the view that fireworks displays cannot be banned as it part of religious customs and rituals but necessary steps will be taken to regulate the same.

This clearly states that these type of firework displays are about to continue in our society and it is better to take necessary precaution to protect ourselves :

Here are some tips

    • Stay Indoors with doors closed.
    • If you want to watch the fireworks then, watch it from inside a home or car.
    • Maintain safe distance.
    • Enjoy aerial or long distance fireworks.
    • Keep the baby, pregnant women, elder persons far from noise.
    • Wear earmuffs or ear plugs if you have to be somewhere noisy.

With regard to your pets, animals are more sensitive to sound than human being and can be extremely frightened or stressed. Put them in a quiet room inside your home that is well insulated to help protect their delicate ears from the loud noise.

Hearing is a unique sensation and if you lose it then the chances are less to regain the same.

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