Students spend a day experimenting with Stereo miking and Soundcraft Ui 16

Updating ourselves to emerging technologies and imparting those technical know-how to our students makes our teaching methodology simply unique in all its sense.

In our academic meeting held in Trivandrum a couple of months before, all the experts / academicians had applauded our efforts in keeping our student abreast with the sophisticated technical advancements in the audio industry.

Today we are talking about a new technology the students had learned yesterday and it is wireless mixing with Soundcraft Ui 16.

Now tell us, which all are the other major exclusive sound engineering institutes in India, which trains students on this latest technology. As per our knowledge there is no such institute in the country and these type of training and training methodologies makes us the No.1 and exclusive audio engineering institute in India.

An year back we added Soundcraft Ui 16 to our line up of training equipment and introduced the new technology to the students then.

In the previous batch students got much needed exposure to this new technology but for them opportunity was limited for them in order to get hands on experience on the same.

Starting from the current senior batch students are provided with intense training on this new technology and guiding them to a digital yet a wireless world.

Yesterday the students had experimented the miking techniques with SoundCraft Ui 16 in the campus with one student on the vocal and the other on Guitar. When you look at the picture you can know that stereo miking technique has been used to capture the sound of Guitar.

Audio Cables can mess up the whole show.

With the advent of this new mixing technology the no of wires and connectors need to run a live show has been substantially decreased and above all it can be controlled using Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

As you all know the world is transforming itself to a wire free world and the sound engineering industry has also taken a big leap forward to shift from analog to digital. Eventually it will assist the sound engineers to get things done with less wires, equipment become extremely compact and light weight and the engineers can efficiently manage a live performance than ever before.

The Soundcraft Ui 16 can be connected to a laptop, mobile or tablet via Wi-Fi and control the whole show from anywhere within the Wi-Fi range offering immense flexibility which the traditional mixers can’t offer.

Why Sound Craft Ui 16?

Here are some of the features of the product.,

Compact Design, Multiple Persons can have full control of the mixer, Less space needed, Best suitable for wedding and other events, Sound craft Pre-amplifier Included and above all it is Solid Console.

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