Struggling with tangled Earphone wires? This can help

This is a common issue faced by those who are listening to the music by using earphones.

Don’t you feel that, it is an ordeal to untangle the earphone wire when you are planning to hear music from your ipod or mobile phone. The untangling process usually takes 1 to 2 mins. The tangle gets even worse when you keep the earphone in your pocket for a long time and take it out.

Wouldn’t it be nice if tangled headphones were a thing of the past?

If you properly wind the earphone wire before putting it in your pocket or anywhere else then it will be easy for your to unwind the same and start listening to interesting music at the earliest.

The video provided below showcase a method on how to properly wind the earphone cable. In this method you hand act as the tool to wind the cable it’s an effective way to keep your headphones from unraveling.

Do you feel that there are better methods?

Do share it with us.

You can share your videos or tips below as a comment.

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