Sound Recording Training for Students with Drum

One of the most onerous thing to do for sound engineers is to record a drum performance and our students have learned the techniques on how to do it.

Drum kit is an extremely complex piece of machinery. There are multiple components, a colossal dynamic range and many different volumes has to be balanced, their resonances and rings and lots of mechanical parts work together to generate the sound we want.

Above all it is driven in a very literal sense, by the raw human power.

There are lots of factors go into it. For experienced engineers it takes huge amount of time to get the sound, they are happy with from the drums. First of all acoustically speaking, it has to be tuned right and so as to sound right.

The most important thing is a great drummer followed by a great room, probably followed by a great drum kit. Those are the valuables and you have to work with. In our college drum recording session we had all these precious elements blended together with a tuned drum set, a recording room with all adequate facilities and a professional drummer, Mr Anantha Padmanabhan.

We are proud to say that Anantha Padmanabhan is a talented drummer who works with several bands in South Indian moreover he is our former student. It was advantage on the side of students to work with a professional drummer like Anantha Padmanabhan.

The session has been organized as part of our sound / music recording training to teach the students on how to record a drum in a fail-safe manner and to learn the miking techniques in perfectly recording it.

Our faculty Jinu Krishnan has revealed before the students, the mechanics and the magic of recording a real drum kit.

During the session student have learned a variety of approaches to capture an optimum drum sound and the factors that influence the recording like the tuning of the drum kit,microphone placement, the room acoustics, the microphone selection, pre-amps, playing technique of the drummer, Recording level etc.

The academy is planning to organize these type of instrument recording session in association with renowned and award winning drummers.

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