Should i go to a Sound Engineering School

A million dollar question that resides in the mind of a person who is planning to learn sound engineering and a common question many professional sound engineers are supposed to answer everyday.

In this blog post we are going to provide answer to those skeptical minds.

  • If you have a strong will, a dedicated person and a person with ample time to spend in online & libraries, can learn by working with a sound company and gain the much needed skills to become a professional Sound Engineer.

But it is a fact that you will have to spend years to grasp those technical details.

  • Why spend years, when you can gain that expertise by attending a course conducted by institute like Sound Engineering Academy which comes with the most affordable the competitive price tag and with world class facilities to get professionally trained in the field.

There are some advocates of learning and mastering the art of sound engineering by joining a company which is in the field.

But they are not able clearly provide an answer to issues cited below :

  • If you start working with a sound company you won’t be able to complete your basic education – your basic educational qualification matters when your career advances.
  • Existing sound engineers who are working with the company are reluctant to share technical details regarding the work.
  • It will take years to gain professional skills or start undertaking projects on your own.
  • You won’t be having basic knowledge regarding system engineering and other related areas
  • You wont have access to all the equipment, an av company will only be having a limited set of equipment and that too of a particular Brand.
  • You fairly have less chance to upgrade to new technologies.
  • No one will be there to guide you, you must be a dedicated person to learn everything by yourself.

Why should i join and what i am expected to gain during the course?

Here are some of the legitimate reasons why you should learn from a leading campus like Sound Engineering Academy

  • Get classes from experts on various aspects of sound engineering like music production, live sound engineering, audio for film etc.
  • Mingle with students from different fields who possess different skill-sets and from various cultures.
  • Get taught by expert faculties – The senior faculty in Sound Engineering Academy is having 30+ years of experience, who has worked for 1000+ real projects in India as well as abroad.
  • Get a valid industry recognized certificate, a successfully completed course certificate is a passport to go places and work with companies in the field of audio engineering. SEA Certified students are working with companies world over.
  • Hands-on experience on audio products / gadgets of different Brands
  • Opportunity to learn all aspects of Sound Engineering – While studying in an academy you can learn all aspects of sound engineering like studio recording, music production and live mixing.
  • Learn those things in a year, which you will probably learn in 10 years if you start working in a firm dealing with Sound Engineering.
  • Learn the basics as well as advanced topics in SEA by doing a course in an institute like Sound Engineering Academy.
  • Learn how to professionally manage a show and grasp those ethics which a Sound Engineering should posses.
  • Get to know about the current and upcoming job opportunities etc
  • Get acquainted with those alumni students who have already started a career in the field of Sound Engineering.
  • Moreover you will be disciplined in your work which will be advantageous for you in the long term
  • nterestingly many students who are joining our academy for 1 year Diploma in Sound Engineering possess some sort of experience in the field.

Our course, Diploma in Sound Engineering and Sound Recording is designed in such a way that it can cater to both experienced and those who are new into the field.

Just think of why experienced persons are joining our academy for the diploma course? Do share your thoughts with us as a comment here in this blog.

  • Still skeptical about joining the audio engineering course, then talk to us. We can answer your queries, call us 098957 45100 or shoot an email to

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