It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” Paulo Coelho

Today we are introducing, Tanmoy Saha an SEA Alumni who cherished the dream to become a Sound Engineer in the Movie Industry and became one.

A motivated audio engineer with a true love for all things sonic, Tanmoy has worked as Location Sound Recordist, Sfx, Dubbing Engineer, Sound Editor, Ambience Designer, Foley Recordist.

Tanmoy is proficient in Analog as well as Digital equipment, who has got a deep understanding about Acoustics and the nature of Sound, he has worked for 8 Bengali Feature Film Projects and several Bengali Short Films as well as Documentary Movies in the past one and a half years.

Passionate about audio production and post-production in all capacities, Tanmoy Saha has joined Aural Workstation in Kolkatta, West Bengal in the month of September 2016 after completing his 1-year Diploma in Sound Engineering Course from Sound Engineering Academy.

While talking with Tamony regarding the career life he pointed out that joining SEA for the Diploma course is a turning point in his life and thanked the academy for paving a way for achieving his dream to become a Film Sound Engineer.

Tanmoy Saha, who is more of a Sound Artist rather than a Sound Engineer has joined the academy after completing his Masters in Philosophy from Jadavpur Univesity, West Bengal.

Just like many who join the academy, Tanmoy was also having a long-standing standing dream to become a Sound Engineer and his wish to start an exuberant career in the field of Sound Engineering got fulfilled when he joined the Academy.

After completing the course in the year 2016, he has joined Aural Workstation, which had provided him the opportunity to test those skills which have gained during the course.

According to Tamoy, his 1 and half year’s association with the studio was more of a learning experience rather than a job.

During his tenure with studio he was assigned with diverse jobs related with movie sound like Recording vocals and instruments, Dubbing for feature and short films, Sound Editing (Sound fx and ambiance track lay) for feature films and short films, Foley recording and Foley editing for feature films, short films and documentary movies etc.

It is a universal fact that “Whichever career you pursue, being passionate plays a pivotal role to achieve success“.

With regard to Tanmoy, being a passionate Sound Engineer and a person who strives for excellence in this career he has gained ample exposure in,
Setting up all equipment for recording of vocals and any instruments in studio and live sound events.
Quick troubleshooting service and Audio Cable repair skills (for this he is grateful to the audio electronics sessions during the diploma course)
Technical abilities on Installation of studio setup as well as Live concerts.
Good understanding of Miking to record any kind of instrument in a studio as well as in Live concerts according to the tech riders.
Ability to do any kind of sound post-production work in any stage on Protools etc.

Tamoy Saha’s Film Credit Includes

> Byomkesh Pwarbo ( Bengali Feature Film -2016)
Location Sound Recordist (Additional ambiance recordist).

> Bibaho Diaries ( Bengali Feature Film – 2017)
Assistant Sound Engineer.

> Tomake Chai ( Bengali Feature Film – 2017)
Ambiance Design.

> Durga Sohay ( Bengali Feature Film – 2017)
Dubbing Engineer, Sound editor.

> One ( Bengali Feature Film – 2017)
Ambiance Design.

> Maacher Jhol ( Bengali Feature Film – 2017)
Foley recordist & editor.

> Dhananjoy ( Bengali Feature Film – 2017)
Foley recordist & editor.

Shob Bhooturey ( Bengali feature film – 2017)
Foley recordist & editor.

We at Sound Engineering Academy wishes Tanmoy Saha all success in his professional as well as personal life may the almighty ushers upon him with the best opportunities and projects to become a successful sound engineer in the Film Industry.

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