Resul Pookutty Wins Golden Reel Award ; a matter of pride for Indians and the Sound Engineers

The Sound Maverick who has brought in the BAFTA and Oscar glory to India has again added a golden feather to his career and a reason for the Indian to be proud by winning the Golden Reel Award in its 63rd Edition. The Sound Designer, Resul Pookutty, has been bagged this prestigious award for Sound and Music Editing in the documentary India’s Daughter.

The 44 year old Sound Engineer from India has disclosed the receipt of his award via his twitter account. In the twitter account he has posted a picture of the award he got and picture of the leaflet mentioning the award category and name of the documentary for which he has worked.

In twitter he has also mentioned that he dedicates this award to Nirbhaya’s Soul, victim of the Delhi gang-rape incident of December 2012.

It is a matter of proud for Indian just because, this is the first time an Asian as well as the first Indian to win this coveted award.

Udwin’s controversial BBC documentary India’s Daughter features an interview of one of four men sentenced to death in the December 16 gangrape case and the documentary was banned from public screening/ airing in the country.

Pookutty said the film “India’s Daughter” is the true spirit of the youth of the nation. He also added that the film recognizes the entire spirit of the youth who protested against the inhuman treatment of Nirbhaya.

By profession Resul Pookutty is a film sound designer, sound editor and mixer who lives in Mumbai with his family.

Being an institute which teaches Sound Engineering for the past 11 years this is actually a moment of great happiness for us when Sound Engineers like Resul Pookutty are getting recognized worldwide and receiving prestigious awards for their efforts. Moreover what doubles our happiness is that the profession is getting global recognition which act as a catalyst for those who are learning or those who learned Sound Engineering to achieve new heights.

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