Rent or Buy PA System?

A PA system is not the cheapest treat … We have tips for you to help you decide! You need a good sound for a gig with your band and ask yourself whether to rent or buy a PA equipment.

Howdy SEA Fans, Welcome to another Tiptuesday blog where we discuss various technical aspects regarding sound engineering, music production, film sound, broadcast sound and sharing common tips those sound engineers should follow in their career life.

Today we are seeking your attention to rather a common question if you are a member of a music band or a person associated with a particular band this might have definitely pondered you, whether to buy a PA system or rent it for the fulfilling the purpose.

First of all, these are the things to consider, as a professional music band, you are supposed to travel and will you able to carry your PA equipment along with you along with your musical instruments. But it is recommended to carry your practice microphone, in-ear monitors, laptop (preferably MAC) and Show files / Console files

Secondly, without a professional PA system and a professional sound setup, you can’t ensure an impactful and high-quotient musical performance.

There is no second thought that, you need a good PA equipment and a PA system is not the cheapest treat.

We have tips for you to help you decide!

How do you get the best sound?
There are different factors to consider, inspect and implement to produce an exceptional sound out of a PA System. Basic things like the right stage size, overall sound design, ample source of electricity, light or the local technology are important factors for the right sound.

Above all, the public address system is a factor that should be clarified in advance of a performance.

In most cases, however as a musician, you have to take care of the technical issues and the equipment for the performance.

So the question quickly comes up for your own PA system.

With lucrative offers offered by various online stores, it is quite tempting to order it online.

But that often leads to great disappointment sooner or later.

The best way to upgrade your band technically is to get in touch with your trusted retailer. Here you can take your time to get advice and examine the individual components thoroughly before they are purchased.

Get tips from the Professional

Be in touch with an audio professional, it will help you to gain practical tips, which can sometimes save a lot of training.

Tips like the proper connection of amplifiers, when it is wrongly connected the membranes of bass speakers might say goodbye even with the first kick of bass drum.

And in another instance, even a wrongly clamped speaker cable leads to phase cancellations with the effect that the beautiful PA system sounds like a trash can.

Keep your eyes open when buying technology!

If there is not enough money to directly buy a new complete system, it is best to buy only the core – the mixer – and then rent the rest of the PA system, preferably from the local vendor.

Sometimes, the retailer can also suggest a used equipment from another band or a vendor who has got it back.

Here you can often make bargains without having to take the risk of buying from the Internet. Once there is an issue with regard to the equipment which you bought from the local vendor you can definitely approach them to get it fixed.

If such devices are regularly maintained, you can often have fun for a long time. Therefore, the takeaway tip is to Watch out when buying technology!

A checklist to consider.

So that you make the right choice when buying or renting a PA system, here is a checklist for you, which matters in the selection:

  1. Which event type is available?
  2. Can I use the equipment for more than one type of event?
  3. Which size of event do I have to sound, how big is the audience?
  4. Do I have time and help for Sound Setup?
  5. Who will operate the equipment?
  6. How often will you use the equipment?
  7. Are conventional speakers sufficient, do I need a line array?
  8. Will the gear remain useful over the years?
  9. Do I prefer to use self-powered systems or do I prefer to work with external (system) power amplifiers?
    How much money can I spend on audio equipment?

It makes perfect sense to rent the PA system from a service provider if your answer to the above questions doesn’t seem to be positive in buying an audio equipment.

In that case, it is generally advisable to look for a permanent pro-audio partner. The range of possible services goes from the pure structure of the sound system over the “sound mix”, the light to “drive” rather than to purchase a PA system for your event or performances.

But even if only little things are needed or just an advice – the way to a pro audio service provider is certainly the right step. Here are some useful and practical tips to consider if you are planning to start a successful audio rental business

Hope you found the tips which are been discussed above a useful one and now you can take a concrete decision on whether to buy or rent a PA System

Don’t forget to share with us what you think about the topic and how useful it is to you as a comment below.

Happy Sound Engineering.

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