Our student who worked for Microsoft Cortana

It was a novice experience to our students to learn about the speech to text conversion from one of our alumini student Sivaguru K.

Sivaguru is now working for the Indian version of an audio app related project for Microsoft.

The audio app is named Microsoft Cortana, which is an intelligent personal assistant app created initially for windows and ios devices using that app one can ask voice questions and the app will answer back. There are many language versions available for the app and Sivaguru has worked for the Indian version rather the Indian English version.

Yesterday he has spared time from his busy schedule to present before our students on his experience in working in the project.

During his presentation he explained how he tackled various hurdles he faced while recording the sessions for Cortana and he suggested the students to learn trouble shooting techniques. He said that if you face a problem during the recording session you should be well updated to troubleshoot the problem with the least amount of time. He iterated the fact that if a person is an expert sound engineer then several troubleshooting option will come up in his mind while he face a problem.

He also talked about how a metal stand which was kept inside the studio has affected the recordings. As the metal resonated during recording the audio output got rejected by the company and later on he has identified the problem and replaced the same with metal stand.

The presentation by Sivaguru also covered those things like the initial process flow of recording session wherein there were auditions for selecting the best female voice, selection of artist from about 100 candidates, several round of tests has been carried out and finally an artist has been confirmed and recording session has been started.

The audio engineer also stated how he adjusted the pitch, phase, flow, personal behavior, level, smile, high-starts and proximity to generate quality output.

In the presentation he illustrated the signal chain studio setup he has used for the recording sessions and also explained the skill sets required for sound engineers like,

During the interactive session many of the students were curious to know about how his expertise has helped in securing a job after completing the course from Sound Engineering Academy and clarified several doubts regarding the recording sessions and about the possibilities of app.

Looking for Sound Engineering Career. Why to learn it from SEA?
During his presentation he talked about one incident which happened in his studio. One day a fellow young man came to the studio to attend an interview for the post of sound engineer.

He told that he has got certification from one of the best institute in chennai. He was invited to the interview room and asked some basic questions regarding basic of sound and sound recording like What is the difference of mono and stereo? What is the difference between mp3 and wav?

The answers to these questions from the young man has been quite awkward that he himself revealed that he doesn’t know the basics of sound engineering and has lost his time and money.

Sivaguru has added that students who are passing of SEA acquires basic as well as advanced technical knowledge in the field of sound engineering and advised the students to utilize the facitlites in the academy to learn more things about audio engineering.

He also asserted the fact that Sound Engineering Academy is the best audio engineering institute in India and what he learned at the academy has definitely helped him to secure a better job.

New Career Opportunities in the field of Sound Engineering

With the digital / internet revolution new breed of career options are being introduced for those who have learned Sound Engineering. Especially in the recent years with the emergency of anroid and ios devices the scope of sound engineers has broadened as companies are introducing sound / music based apps like Microsoft Cortana, Google Now and Apple Siri and more career opportunities are yet to be introduced as the years pass by.

At the end of the session he has shown a video that displays the working of Cortana app for which has worked for.

One again, we, the entire team of sound engineering academy thank Sivaguru for spending some time with our students and sharing your views, experiences  and wishing all the success for your future endeavors.

A video on Microsoft Cortana

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