One-Day Live Music Concert by SEA

Music enthusiasts in Trivandrum are in for a treat as Sound Engineering Academy is organizing a Live Music Concert in the city.

Every music concert is a reason to get excited and we are delighted to announce that a one-day music live music concert will be held on 27th (Tuesday) of this month at Bharath Bhavan, Thycaud, Trivandrum.

Every year, in the month of February, the academy conducts a live music concert within the campus.
This year onwards, the venue has been shifted outside campus to Bharath Bhavan.

Those who are closely associated with the academy knows about SEA Music Band Festival, which the academy conducts in the month of August.

SEA Music Band Festival is a 5-day event and the concert which is happening in the coming week is, One Day Event, One Band Performance.

Just like the SEA Music Band Festival, this live music performance is also a public event.

Students of our 1-year Diploma course is providing the technical support with regard to live sound for the event and like SEA Music Band Festival, the audio system support is offered by SEA Pro.

Everyone is excited to know about the band which is going to perform?
And the answer is Gravity Band.

This year, the academy has partnered with locally acclaimed Gravity Band and going to enthrall the audience in a live concert setting.

Taking more about the Gravity Band, they were the one who performed on the first day of SEA Music Band Festival 2017.

Mesmerised by their lush, evocative performance and with the popular demand the academy has roped in this alternative rock band for this year’s One Day Music Event.

About Gravity

The Gravity is an alternative rock band from the God’s own country, Kerala.
Performing from the good old classic rock to the modern pop, The Gravity is an active In-House band at the Leela palace.

They are a 5-Piece Band, Sam (Frontman/Vocal), Albin (Guitar), Clint (Bass), Jibin (Drums) and Jijin (Keys).
They feature songs from artists like coldplay, stevie wonder, sting and many more.

The Band

The Frontman : Sam is an amazing vocalist accompanying the band with the acoustic guitar, His voice loved by many has been performing since the 90’s, He is also the bass guitarist for the band Vidwan and was a past member in the band “Aum”, “Purple Rain” and “Q-8”.

The Guitarist :Albin has been a part of the gravity for about 3 years. He is known for his unique guitar tones and set of playing styles. Albin is also a member of the band “Trivia” and was a former member of the band “Hushed Vibes”.

The Bassist : Clint, being the bass guitarist of “Trivia”, Accompanied Albin and became a part of the Gravity, He was the bass guitarist of many Fusion Musical Groups.

The Drummer :Jibin, one of the founding member and the drummer of the gospel band “Jaspers”, He also accompanies Clint and Albin in the band “Trivia”.

The Keys :Jijin, Sibling to the drummer, Jibin, was the latest addition to the group after in search of a keyboardist for some while. He also accompanies Jibin with keys for the Gospel band “Jaspers”.

Guest Player/Trumpet :Thashnika, The Youngest artist in the group. She is a Trumpet player from Sri Lanka, She is now a Student in the Trivandrum International School.

Guest Player/Trombone : William, An Ex-Navy and present Trombone player in the Baharain Police Band, He has been accompanying The Gravity on his vacations in India, He is also a bass guitarist and has been performing since the 80’s.

The performance will be starting on 27th February, around 6.30 PM in the evening at Bharath Bhavan, Thycaud, Trivandrum.

The concert also promises a dazzling light show as well.

We, once again we welcome you all and are excited to see you there.

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