No Horn Day in the City

Being a Sound Engineer or a Sound Engineering Student, you should be aware that noise pollution can cause stress, acoustic trauma (sudden deafness), noise-induced hearing loss (slow deafness) and cardio-vascular issues.

As a sound engineer, the chances are high that you can’t live without a headphone and you are supposed to be using one.

This might be an interesting piece of information for you if you are you a person who regularly use headphones.

Do you know that regular use of headphones can cause serious issues to your hearing sensation?

The situation is quite alarming among the youngsters.
According to a recent study, there is an increase in the number of young ENT patients owing to the use of headphones and earphones.

It has been found that frequent users of headsets are vulnerable to high-frequency hearing loss.

The saddest part is that their hearing will continue to deteriorate even if they stop using the gadget after the ailment is diagnosed.

With these type of serious hearing issues emerging in the society, the Indian Medical Association is observing No Honking Day in the city of Trivandrum to create awareness among the public regarding noise pollution.

We are publishing this blog post to shed light on the Noise Awareness day which is commemorated on the last Wednesday of April of every year.

It is named as International Noise Awareness Day and it is a global campaign to increase awareness of noise pollution around the world.

No-Honking Day in the City

Today No-HORN Day is being observed in the city of Trivandrum, where our academy is located, as part of the International Noise Awareness Day Celebrations.

In a country like India, despite alarming levels of noise pollution, nothing is being effectively done to address the issue.

The No-Honking Awareness program is an initiative by the State Branch of Indian Medical Association in a bid to usher in a new “sound culture”.

Indian Medical Association (IMA) has joined hands with National Initiative for Safe Sounds, Kerala Motor Vehicles Department, Kerala Tourism and Kerala Police to observe April 26 as No-Horn Day.

In SEA Campus

Being a socially committed organisation and a strong advocate against Noise Pollution we observed the same in our campus as well.

A message has been passed among the students and staff members to follow the special day’s objective and is encouraged to do something about bothersome noise where they work, live and play.

Realizing the magnitude of the threat that noise pollution poses, students took the pledge to reduce noise pollution at every opportune moment and it is agreed upon that they will desist themselves from frustrated and continuous honking which is the main source of sound pollution in the city.

Have you ever thought about the alarming state of Noise Pollution in your city?

Do share your thoughts with us about the Sound Pollution in your area and how you can reduce it as comments below. 

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