Music Recording Session in the Academy

The Diploma Students (Senior Batch) got hands on experience on what they are supposed to work in the real world.

In the past couple of week they learned how to conduct a live programs especially music band show both inside a building as well as in an open environment.

This week students are continuing with their music production and recording sessions. Students are supposed to record 5 different types of instruments including vocal.

In the previous batch on-wards students record and mix the composition of professionals rather than their own compositions, just like what it is happening in the real world. Professionals bring in their compositions record, edit and mix it with students.

This year students have learned sound design, editing, and mixing techniques with support from professionals

The session is fully organized by the students by finding out professional artists for vocal and for playing instruments like guitar, flute, tabla etc

After completion of 3 days of busy schedule in music production and recording in the campus, students got a broad understanding in the field of music production, and got hands-on experience to gain skills and technology which is necessary to become a professionals in the motion pictures, television and music industries.

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