Mr. K.S Ravi, Our Dearest Ravi Sir.

Today is teacher’s day and for us nothing is more gratifying in this world than to write about an individual who drawn the attention of Bollywood’s legendary film makers, a boon companion for them during the 70’s and 80’s and an educator who facilitated 1000’s of individuals to become world class Sound Engineering professionals who currently works in various countries across the globe.

Who is that?

It is none other than our Mr. K.S Ravi (our Ravi Sir), a person who has become a professional sound engineer at a time when 90% people who are reading this were actually born.

Respected by some of the creative czars in the country and a who person has / had close relationships with legendary personalities of Indian art and music like Pandit RaviShankarPandit Birju MaharajMrinalini Sarabhai and with those individuals who has changed the world with their acts and vision like Mother Teresa, (canonized as Saint by Pope Francis in Vatican) it is a boon for the Academy to associate with a person like him.

K.S Ravi, a humble human being who dedicated his life for Audio Industry and an expert technician who passed out of the Adayaar Film Institute (renamed as M.G.R Government Film & Television Institute) as the First rank holder and Gold Medalist during early 70’s has completed more than 40 years as a Sound Engineering Professional.

An enthusiastic individual and an avid learner of new technologies and a person who strives hard to educate those budding minds interested in Sound Engineering Ravi Sir has engineered over 1000 docu-films, 100+ feature films and worked closely with legendary directors during 70’s, 80’s and till the end of 90’s.

Currently working as the Department Head of Audio Technology at Sound Engineering Academy who he has bagged the award for Best Sound Engineer several times in his career.

A person who created aurally appealing sound design and who posses many professional credits to his account, has worked in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, and Marathi films and in several creative advertisement projects.

Early life

Born and raised in Kerala, he then pursued his higher education, focusing on a formal sound engineering education, doing a course in Film Institute and passed out of the academy during the hippy era.

During that time he was the only one person from Kerala out of 8 individuals from the whole of India who got selected for the Audio Engineering Course in the prestigious Institute.

Mr. K.S Ravi has shifted to Pune and joined as tutor in Film and Television Institute of India, Pune after his graduation.

While working as a tutor in the Pune Film Institute he continued his passion for Sound Engineering by working on various freelance projects as sound recordist and editor for various shorts, narrative features and documentaries.

Later on he was inducted into Mumbai Doordarshan Kendra as Sound Engineer and continued with the organistion before joining Sound Engineering Academy.

Association with the academy.
The minds of those who are interested in sound engineering will be buzzing with questions as they meet Mr. KS Ravi to know more about sound engineering during the earlier days of film making and students of 1 Year Diploma in Sound Engineering and Sound Recording are quite interested in hearing his work related stories and his experiences.

Students who had attends the class of Mr. K.S Ravi, shares the view that it is quite an enlightening experience and  almost all the students who have already passed out of the institution still cherish the dream of attending Sir’s class again.

Being a strong pillar and joined the academy in year 2004, he has been a futuristic educator and an enthusiastic individual who plays a key role in all activities of the academy every now and then.

His vision, his understanding of sound engineering and his philosophy usually left an indelible impression on the minds of students of the academy in making them world class sound engineers.

Mr. K.S Ravi once said, “people who are nostalgic about analog tape hasn’t worked on that. Working on analog tape is a nightmare but it is amazing and i loved the constrictions, confines and decision making of it.”

He who started working during the era of analog tape recording has lived his life till today by witnessing the slow and steady advancements in the field of Sound Engineering and it is an amazing fact that he is well updated with the latest technological advancements happening in the field.

Talking about the current scenario of Sound Engineering he said that “unlike earlier days, the technology has advanced in such a way that the job related with Sound Recording, Mixing and Designing has got lot easier even newbie engineers can make wonders with sound with sophisticated software all that is needed is a creative mind.”

What is needed to be a successful professional? Mr. KS Ravi speaks
One has to have a cross check on how he is behaving with others and think about these, are you respecting others? are you giving a space for them to work on?

Attitude of a technician plays a pivotal role on becoming a successful professional which is more relevant than his technical knowledge and experience he possess.

In a world where individuals who work for one short film and tries to showcase their work in all possible medium there by promoting themselves, being a prolific sound engineer for more than 30 years and an educator for 12 years and counting, Mr. K.S Ravi is still a down to earth person who not at all entertains any personal boasts or promotions.

We, Sound Engineering Academy, owe this man a ton of gratitude.
So thankful for him and for his association with the Academy.

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