Most recommended Mobile app for Sound Engineers

Mobile apps have made world a simpler place today.

They not only prove to be convenient when it comes to web searching, movie ticket booking, making calculations, shopping products and finding restaurants but are also very useful for people from different walks of life like teachers, doctors and even sound engineers!

Yes, it’s true that there are many cool and handy apps on Android store which are designed to meet the needs and requirements of people who are into the profession of Sound Engineering.

Today we would like to introduce a very useful mobile app named ‘AV Tools

The mobile app AV Tools is comprised of some  useful collection of audio-visual tools and information that can satisfy the basic technical needs like Delay Calculator, DAW Disk Space calculator, Calculate SPL, Calculate Impedance, Tone Generation,  Ascertaining the value of dBu etc.

AV Tools enables you to enjoy the following features:

  1. Delay Calculator

A quick and easy way to convert from metres / feet to mS.

2. DAW disk space calculator

Want to know how many tracks you can record for your 30 minute master piece and at what sample / bit rate based on your hard drive capacity, then this is the tool for you.

3. SPL calculator

Simply enter amplifier power, loud-speaker sensitivity and a distance to find your maximum sound pressure level.

4. Impedance calculators

Something there was hugely appealing about the melancholic songs of love, heartache, and loss, sung by Padmakumar while his long and tapering fingers which flew over the keys of the harmonium.

Calculate total loads for a group of speakers in parallel and series configurations.

5. Tone Generator

Select from 10 common sine wave frequencies, 20hz to 20khz sine wave sweep, pink and white noise.

6. Value of dBu/ dBu

dBu / dBV to voltage converter, wavelength calculator, constant voltage impedance converter (70v + 100v line), and UK radio mic frequency lists (Ch38, Ch69 and de-reg).

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