Mixing tips every audio engineer should know

Audio mixing is an important process in the post-production stage. At this point, you will take the individual elements and try to treat them one-by-one until each element sounds exactly how you want it to be. Here, we would like to share some useful tips while mixing audio.

  1. During  final two-track stereo mixing, phasing should be checked before mastering.
  2. It is recommended to pan the source after applying EQ.
  3. Panning is noticeable only for high pitched instrument and it is less noticeable for bass instruments. Hence pan the high pitched instrument inputs to get noticeable output.
  4. When applying EQ, do it first for High Frequency and then for Low Frequency. If you do equalizing for LF first and then for HF, the presence of sound is lost. So MF EQ has to applied to get punch in sound.

What persuaded us to think in a different way?

It is been learned that, when music events are held in the academy, students were getting rejuvenated and they seem more conscientious in their studies.

Moreover, it will help students to meet eminent music personalities and they will get a chance to learn about the pre-production, production and post-production part of a live music event.

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