Make the right career choice after your 10+2.

Needless to say that competition in the job market is fierce and it is getting intense as the days pass by.

Employers and companies are looking for experienced hands or skills professional for various positions in their organizations.

Only those who take firm decision on what to study and those who are possessing a vision to fulfill their career ambition after the completion of 10+2 serves as a turning point in anyone’s life.

Mostly people used to think of a career after completion of their regular stream of 10+2+3.  ill it be too late?

After completion of their degree course and at the time when people start applying for jobs they tend to realize that companies and employers ask for skilled manpower or persons with experience in a particular field.

It is a fact that a person with a mere degree course in his hand can fit into any positions as need by the companies and with that degree certificate they can either apply for clerical jobs in companies or apply for government jobs.

To get inducted into any skilled positions in the companies they have to join any career oriented or diploma courses to learn things to become a bread earner.

So what should you do?

Make your career choice at an early age.

Choose a career path which you are very much passionate about after completing your 10+2.

May and June are the months in which almost all certificate boards in India is publishing the results of their 10+2 course and it is the time for those who are completed it to shift their focus from learning things as a regular school going student to join a career oriented course.

During the time students will be showered with course suggestions and career ideas to choose from picking the right course and the academy is quite integral.

When talking within our academy’s context most of the students who are joining the diploma is having the basic qualification of 10+2.

For those who are quite passionate about learning sound engineering, we recommend to join the course before joining any degree course in regular stream.

We would like to answer another regularly raised question by the applicants regarding our course is that, our diploma course is designed as a full time one and the students needs to be available full time on all weekdays.

Why Sound Engineering Academy after 10+2?

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