Live Sound Reinforcement Mini Project with Bakery Junction Music Band

A great moment for the academy as well as for the students of the Diploma in Sound Engineering  when the renowned music band in Trivandrum named Bakery Junction Musiq Band has performed in our academy.
The band has performed as part of live sound reinforcement mini project of the diploma students.  The students has done the planning, setup and execution of the live show as per requirements of the band.

The senior students of the academy has started doing their academic projects in all aspects of Sound Engineering which will provide them hand-on experience on real world projects.

The sound section of above mentioned live show is fully managed by the students without any assistance from the teaching staff of the academy.

The students has been found enthusiastic as they have conducted a live show and whole program was truly entertaining for the other people of the academy as well.

These student will be conducting a live show in a public venue in the near future which will be their real project and how they tackle the issues in the real world situations will make them more professional in the field of Live Sound Reinforcement.

Once again we thank the Bakery Junction Music Band for accepting our invitation for performing in the academy and for entertaining us.

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