Is the firmware of your audio equipment up-to-date?

Are you using the latest version of firmware in your audio mixing console / digital signal controller / crossovers?

Ever thought, what will happen when your digital mixing console gets hungs up in the middle of a live show as it is using the older version of your firmware?

Will you carry a replacement console for every live performace as you havent updated the firmware or driver?

The one and only solution is to maintain the equipment properly and keep its firmware up to date, there by professionaly manage the show and more over it will help to add the latest effects to your existing digital audio equipments.

We are not saying that you have to check each and every day for firmware updates but it would be better if you could check for the latest releases atleast in 6 months or so.

The reason why we are talking about this is that, last week the senior students of diploma in Sound Enineering had a live practical session in the academy premises and the students were practising what they have learned with with the mixing console. While checking the signals the students found some discrepancies.

When the students enountered the issue they checked the levels, experiented with what they have learned from the academy, re-checked all the connection and gone though the manual of the product. Finally they found that the older version of the firmware was causing problems. Students had taken action to immediately update the firmware and that resolved the issues.

The situation reveals that upgraing your mixing consoles with the latest verion of the firmware is quite inevitable.

On neglecting to update the software to the latest version, you will never know when you get into trouble and there are chances that the whole show will get messed up if the mixer is not responding as it was supposed to be.

When taking in account the above mentioned sitution there was ample facilities to update the firmware immediately by downloading the latest version from the company webiste and continue with the performance.

What if you are working on a remote location where there is not internet facility and the mixing console starts exhibiting undesirable results due to the lack of updated firmware?

Definitely you will be in big trouble.

As a professional sound engineer you are supposed to update the firware to the latest version be worry free. Visit the official website of the audio mixing console today and check whether your digital consoles, apps, operating sytem and anti-virus in you pc and software being used in the same is also uptodate.

Do keep in mind that you have a steady electricity backup when updating your consoles and systems.

For the students of the academy it was a learning experience and helped them to learn the in and out of the mixing console.

Happy Sound Engineering.

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