Is Sound Engineering a Good Career to pursue in India?

The Good News
With the surge of Media and Communication and with the technological advancements, the scope for Sound Engineers has risen remarkably and the demand for skilled Engineers is increasing at a steady rate.

Enjoy a High Life
You will be working with Celebrities, Great Minds and Talents, Enjoying a very High Life and Touring with your Favourite Bands.

Earn Limitless
A Skilled Sound Engineer, can earn up to 5,00,000 INR a month depending on the complexity of his Job Profile.

Freelance Sound Engineering
There is also an emerging, yet a very promising freelance market for Music Mixing and Mastering Engineers.

Career Opportunities
Sound engineering is not just limited to music production and the opportunities are available in various fields like Radio Stations, TV Channels, Studios, Multimedia Design, Animation, Advertising Firms, Movies, Live Shows and more.

Learn from an Insitute
Learning from an institute really helps, as companies are looking for those who know the job. A dedicated course will make your initial learning easier and give you a direction.

Yes, there are jobs and there is work…if you want it.

Welcoming your perspective about pursuing a sound engineering career in India as comments below.

Happy Sound Engineering

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