Introduction Session of 23rd Batch for Diploma in Sound Engineering

A New Batch, A New Beginning

Sound Engineering Academy has conducted an introduction session to welcome our new students who joined our 23rd batch for 1 year Diploma in Sound Engineering. The session started at around 9.30 in the morning with students from all parts of Kerala has arrived at our academy with their parents.

It was definitely a new beginning for the academy as well as for the enthusiastic students who planned their future to make a mark in the field of Sound. Our Director and CEO of the academy Mr. AR Vishnu has presented before the students and their parents the importance of Sound Engineering, various sound engineering studios in the world, job opportunities available for successful Sound Engineers who passed out of the academy.In the speech our director has spread light into how the academy is functioning, where all the passed out students of our academy has shaped their career and working with various multi-national organizations around world moreover he has also asserted the rules and regulations followed by the academy in training students for their bright future.

During the presentation the director has also explained the course modules, different branches in the academy, how the previous students of the academy has submitted several projects, what projects are supposed to be done by the new batch.

Unlike previous batches and as part of our overall curriculum improvement practices, we at Sound Engineering Academy has introduced several new updates that will help in improving the knowledge, skills and working practices of newly passing out students which will make them world-class sound engineers who can adapt to any kind of job requirements.

In the session he has also re-iterated the fact that Sound Engineering Academy is the only institute in Asia with the all basic infrastructure and facilities to train the students in all aspects of Sound Engineering with regard to the equipment and the experienced faculties. The director has also pointed out several facts on why we are the No.1 Audio Engineering Institute since 2004.  It is quite obvious that students who pass out of our academy are well trained in such a manner that they can work with any kind of gadgets or equipment irrespective of their technology or brand.

From this new batch onwards apart from regular theory classes, practical sessions, industrial visits, presentations, the students are supposed to complete 3 individual projects which will help them to earn hands on experience on all aspects of Sound Engineering. Currently our students are completing 2 projects and it will be a great challenge for new students as well as for the teaching staff of the academy to assist the students to get them complete those projects.

In the interactive session parents of newly joined student has been explained how the course has been conducted, the no of modules included, achievement of our alumni students, what support they can offer to their child for the completion of the course, no of holidays available during the course period, how they can pay the fees, food and accommodation facilities offered by the academy, dress code to follow in the academy etc.

The highlight of the whole day session was the afternoon meal which was served and prepared by the academy. For the first time the academy has served fruit meal, a dish prepared out of fruits where in 8 different types of raw fruits are sliced by the teaching staff and administration staff of the academy and served with honey and dry fruits.

The innovative and newly served recipe has been commended by the parents, students and staff of the academy and all of them has shared theirs thoughts on the meal as it is healthier and told that they will prepare the same in their homes as well.

After a healthy yet exotic meal the students has been given in-depth details about the course they are going to study by the various department heads – KS Ravi (Department of Audio Technology) , Sanal Kumar G (Department of Audio Electronics), Jinu Krishnan G (Department of Sound Reinforcement). Like every other year the new students has been assigned their first in-house academic projects by respective department heads and the session has also helped the students to know more about their faculties and the academy’s training infrastructure.

In the meantime parents of newly joined students have shared their professional / educational background, their personal achievements with the director of the academy. During the session the parents has also shared information on why their child has chosen sound engineering as their career and why they choose Sound Engineering Academy to master it.

The classes for the new batch will officially start on 17th of February as the admission for the batch is still continuing in the academy.

Once again the academy welcomes all the newly joined students and appreciated the participation of their parents and express gratitude to staff of Sound Engineering Academy for their whole-hearted support.

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