Internship Opportunity for Freshers

Need Freshers : Intern Basis in Mumbai
1) Cinematographers  2) Sound Designers 3) Editor


1. 8 Different Short films with different genres including (drama, romance, thriller, suspense, horror, experimental, music videos etc)

2. Character driven stories with unique concepts


1. Person with one thing in mind i.e. Cinema and its Craft
We are planning to create a platform where filmmakers will get to tell their stories.So we are looking for the people who have passion towards film making and want to create their own stories but unable to do it due to lack of Team.

As you know film can’t be made by one person, so whatever stream you are passionate about weather it is Photography, Writing, Editing or Sound n Music, we will provide you the rest of the Team and Equipment. Don’t think of it as a Job. Think of it as an opportunity to create your own stories without any interference from Producer but we will guide you make it better.This is not a paid job for 2 months but travel allowance will be given. This is best opportunity to create your show-reel the way you want because you will be the one behind it.

Contact Details:

Contact No. – 7415752543(whatsapp), 9960598727 & 9167272936 (Call)

E-mail – info@blueoranges.space3.

Website –

Disclaimer : Kindly note that Sound Engineering Academy has no affiliation in any manner with the company offering internship,  Blueoranges and we shall not be liable for any inconvenience or loss caused during or after your association with the organisation and do also note that we are unable to provide any further information about opportunities being published above and all the responsibilities in any manner lies vested with individuals he/she, who is associating with the organisation Blueoranges.

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