How to wind an audio cable, the right way?

Today is Tuesday and we are back with another ‘tiptuesday’ and this time on ‘ how to properly wind an audio / power cable’.

With Tuesday tips we used to share basic techniques pertained to sound engineering which the common man may find useful and will also help the sound engineering professionals to brush up their knowledge.

In a previous post we shared a video on how to properly wind a headphone cable without tangles. That post in this blog has generated good response from our blog readers. The response from our readers for our previous post and improper winding of many working sound engineering professionals has persuaded us to write this post.

Tangled audio cables is truly a mess and looks unprofessional.

Today we are sharing a video which we found on YouTube on how to properly wind an audio cable which greatly extends its life, prevent tangles and accepted asbest practice for media production professionals.

This 1 minute video explains how to properly roll audio cables, extension cords in the right way using the over and under method.

Let’s watch the video

Hope this helps you.

Looking forward for your views and do share videos like these with us to publish it in our blog.

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