How to entertain audience during a live music band?

Our diploma students have learned how a live band show can be managed by conducting a live music band session.

The session was conducted within the campus and 3 students has performed as the live band artists and others have arranged the sound system for them.

The session has been intriguing for the students as they are setting up and designed the sound system for a live band show for the first time in the course curriculum.

This is an on-going session for students wherein diploma students are divided into separate batches and each batch are provided with in-depth hands on experience in conducting a live show.

During the session students has gained practical experience on System Installation, Powering, Monitor and Microphone Placement, patching instruments to the mixer via DI Box, Monitor and PA Mixing to produce quality output.

These type of practical sessions has helped students to develop skills which help them to perceive things and events that are outside their field of vision and tackle any untoward incidents which may arise during a live band session.

While students were working on their practical session our trainer Jinu Krishnan and our CEO Mr. Vishnu has come up with various tips on how to improve the overall sound quality of a live performance and shared views on what all prerequisites has to be fulfilled before a live performance.

These practical sessions act as a medium for students to showcase their vocal and instrument skills and help them re-discover their talents.

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