How to Effectively Record a Scream Sound?

Today we are discussing about how to record a scream / very loud sound in a acoustically treated studio with double microphone?

It is very difficult to record a scream sound using a single cardioid microphone. This sound will be distorted because of over load.

Moreover if you keep this microphone far away from the source, the sound will be without presence and clarity.

For getting a good dynamic range use two microphones having same parameters.

Keep 1 microphone (cardioid) from the top position angled towards the source (dubbing position) at normal distance (on-axis). The second microphone has to be kept in similar position but at a distance 2 to 3ft from the source.

The recommended distance for keeping the primary microphone is 1 ft from the source and for secondary microphone it should be 2 to 3ft away.

In this combination, close mic contributes presence and the distance mike gives better dynamic range as a result of studio reverb.

For balancing, keep the first mic level /gain in a medium position and level of the second mic should be more than the first.

Mixing of both output that will give you a scream sound without zero distortion.


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