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Today article is exclusively for live sound professionals and for music bands, discussing about why and how to create a Tech Rider.

What is a Tech Rider?
A Tech Rider (or Technical Rider) is a guide for the organizer to create a perfect environment for your band.
In the Tech Rider, all important things required from the live sound company will be mentioned which is inevitable for the success of your performance.

Discussing about things like, How much cable and Mics you bring and you need, how big the stage must be at least, how much monitor paths you need, etc.

Current Situation
Now a days a tech rider or a stage plot is being created using document editing software like Microsoft Word. Once created, it will be saved as pdf and send it to the concerned person. Even though Microsoft Word is one of the most used and user friendly document editing software, it is not perfectly suited for creating a tech rider or a stage plot.

For Bands
Above all, as a manager or member of a music band, the Tech Rider is the most important framework for your contract with your organizer, comprising of information, which in case of emergency release you from liability and thus protect yourself.
For a band, a Tech Rider offers a lot of advantages, as you have to “think” in advance of what you need on the stage and, above all, how it all goes together.

For Live Technicians
If live technician is associated with your music band, he / she should be involved while making the tech rider. Thus nothing technical or musical is forgotten. Beginning from demanding appropriate equipment from the live sound reinforcement company and helps in setting it up by the Live Sound Technician in a much more precisely.

With regard to a live sound company a detailed tech rider will helps in bringing the best microphones suited for specific purposes, essential cables and wires, adequate no if speakers and monitors also.

Besides that live sound professionals need not have to wait till the music band professionals to occupy the stage and thereafter start their work. The stage plot or the tech rider help the live sound professionals in setting up all audio equipment and music band professionals only have to plug-in their instruments there by considerably reducing the overall time needed for sound design and audio setup during the live performance.

The Software
Our faculty Jinu Krishnan, who himself is a live sound technician has suggested a software named StagePlotPro which he recommended that is the right one for creating techriders and stage plots. The software is incorporated with all features for creating a perfect yet detailed techrider / stage plot.

“Those who provide professionalism can also demand professionalism.”

Create better tech riders that the live sound technicians can easily understand so that musicians or the members of the music bands can concentrate on what they are supposed to do, “An Entertaining Performance“.

Do you know any other or using any software which helps in creating techrider or stage plots? Feel free to comment on the box below so that it will helpful for other readers and sound engineers.

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