History of Audio Media Recorders

In earlier days, Film Industry and music studios used various types of recording mediums and recorders, but most of them are now obsolete.

Change is inevitable.

The technology and the audio recorders which we are using right now will also become a barely used one as the years pass by.

Today we are going to discuss some of the audio media recorders which were prevalent till the year 2000 it will help Sound Engineers to learn more about the history of Audio Media Recorders and how arduous was the Sound Engineering job during

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Analog Audio
1. Audio Cassette

The production of cassette tapes had already been stopped because of the poor quality of sound and speed variation. Some valuable sound effects and music tracks are stored in this kind. Many equipment manufacturers like SonyPanasonicPhilipsTeacStuder etc where the prime producers of Audio Cassettes. Audio Cassettes, which were prevalent during the 80’s and 90’s. It has become an obsolete one and with the introduction of Audio CDs (Compact Discs), just like how the Floppy Discs has become a less used one in the internet world.

2. Quater Inch (wider tapes)
This format is often used in music production to add analog warm. But high-quality analog recorders were withdrawn

eg: NagraOtari, Stello-Vox, Studer there were the famous in Studio Industry

3. Perforated Magnetic Tape
They were used in professional film production with normal speed and high-speed recorders. Perforated recorders are mainly used in synchronized post-production of the film. These recorders are normally 35 mm (wide), the tapes such as 16mm were also used in television, film work and low budget 16mm film production till 1980.

The important recorder manufacturers are magna-Tec, RCA, Klang, Westerx.

4. Analog Vinyl Disc (Wax)
Some television/radio stations still preserve the vinyl disc because some important music or song or sound effects were stored in them.

Presently all disc programs are converted into digital format.

Digital Audio
1. Compact Disc (CD) and removable hard drives in which normal is used to store stock music and effects and cd programs can be played back for post-production of film or documentaries.

2. DAT (Digital Audio Tape)
Non-Sync DAT’s are used to store original music and narration. But Time Code DATs are used in professional video and film sound synchronization. Fortunately or Unfortunately it got vanished from the Industry.

3. MiniDisc
Previously they used in field recording. It is very sensitive to shock so they cannot be used in outdoor film production stage.

4. Modular Digital Multi-track (MDM Recorders)
This format is having 8 track audio and multi MDM’s can be run simultaneously by looping and they are in sync. 3 nos of MDM’s can give 24 tracks (3 x 8). The MDM’s are ADAT (Alesis Digital Audio Tape), TASCAM Recorders were used in music production by they are no more in the film industry.

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