Have you got answer for these questions?

The companies need Sound Engineers with diverse skillsets and as you all know in the process of getting hired there is usually an interview process.

Today we are discussing some of the commonly asked questions a Sound Engineer might encounter during an interview process.

It is an undeniable fact that most of the Sound Engineering job positions are filled by the reference of other fellow Sound Engineers and even though there is no one to recommend or refer, the institute in which the person has completed his sound engineering course also take into consideration by the company management.

In a country like India, getting a job in the field of live sound reinforcement, especially in the entry positions is not a strenuous effort for trained hands as companies working in the field are always looking for fresh hands.

But when you apply for executive / senior level positions / positions which require experience in the field of Sound Engineering and for openings in recording studios and in other companies those who are in audio electronics/audio product development you have to undergo an interview process.

Even though the questions provide here are not purely technical questions, but it will help the interviewer and company to learn more about what you have learned, your career goals and especially how passionate you are about Sound Engineering.

Nowadays your attitude has got the equal weight as your technical skills as companies are now looking for team players and those who show commitment towards their job.

As you are living in a competitive world, you are supposed to have a convincing yet honest answer to the questions asked below and it will definitely raise the chances of getting hired by the company.

The questions provided below will provide a glimpse of what type of questions you can expect from the interviewer.

Hope the questions asked above will help you improve yourself and perform better in an interview and thereby land yourself in your new job.

Do share your opinion on the questions as a comment below?

Happy Sound Engineering

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