Good Qualities to become a better Sound Engineering Professional.

Its is one of the least discussed topic, “Good Qualities to become a better Sound Engineer”. Tips which are discussed in this post will be useful for newbie Sound Engineers.

Sound Engineering is a unique profession in itself, professional ethics and some good qualities are expected from them as well.

Here are some of the ethics and traits which you can inculcate in your professional life to be a better Sound Engineer and let’s start…

You are working on a project, it is not yours.
As a studio engineer you might get opportunities to work on different kinds of project whether it is films, documentaries or short films.

Do keep in mind that you are only supposed to work on the same the provide quality output on-time. Do not take copy of the project, do not share the details of the project with others especially with others outside your office and friends.

Recently there were incidents in which an intern who was working with a Tamil Movie has leaked stills of a movie during its editing process and the piracy issue of malayalm movie premam. In both the incidents the culprits were caught but it has demoralized sound engineering profession.

As we are an institute offering Sound Engineering Courses in India, we have cited the above incidents based on Indian context. It is a fact that these type of unethical practices are going on in all corners of the world especially from upcoming Sound Engineers, isn’t it true?

Kindly avoid these kind of disgraceful acts which will harm your profession as well as the reputation of the studio.

As an aftermath of above mentioned incidents the recruitment of trainees and internships by studios had came to a standstill for a few months.

Don’t criticize others creative works
Keep in mind that you are not a critic you are sound engineer. The theme of the movies or documentaries which you were supposed to work may not be treated according to your perspective but don’t try to be a critic of that movie.

The movie maker has got his own views regarding the subject and we are supposed to do our job. In an another instance if you feel that you have got a good project to work on and your co-worker is working on a bad one don’t express your feeling with anyone else.

Converse with your senior
If you feel any conflicting issues with regard to the work and with regard to the subject don’t call the director or producer of the movie and share your negative views. Consult your senior sound engineer who can guide you in a better way rather than talking with your co-workers or outsiders.

 Network with others
Networking plays a pivotal roe in their journey towards success. Be in touch with the leaders of sound engineering industry and share what you learn with others.

Go online and share your information through online communities, blogs, social media profiles etc. Don’t forget to share it with your friends in the industry it will help to get some tips from them in future.

It is a common trait of successful professionals and business men to spend at-least 5 hours a month for meeting people and sharing their ideas with co-workers and friends.

Honesty is the best Policy.
This is a proverb which you have been hearing since your childhood days. Honesty play a very significant role in professional as well as personal life of a Sound Engineers.

It is noticed that the leading professionals in any industry tend to be honest honest and punctual. They don’t claim that they posses certain skills which they don’t have and take only those jobs which they can finish in the specified timeline. Moreover your honest answers to the questions asked by your seniors or project directors or someone associated with the project will benefit the whole project and your career as well.

Don’t act like a perfect human being, because you are not.
Don’t underestimate the skills of other persons or your co-workers in your professional life. Many people used to under-estimate their co-workers as the he / she is not having the skill you posses. Don’t think that if a person is not having a skill you posses then that person is useless.

The fact is that the person you blames for not having a skill might be having lots of other skills in your profession and those skills can be utilized in another project or when it is needed.

Be compassionate with your co-workers and help them earn new skills. It will help to increase your knowledge level.

Keep it safe and tidy.
According to Alan Parsons, Audiophiles don’t use their equipment to listen to your music. Audiophiles use your music to listen to their equipment.

Equipment plays a significant role in the life of a Sound Engineering Professional. You have to keep your audio equipment safe and secure during transportation, in harsh weather and from electrical damages. Quality and consistent output from the equipment is based on how you handle it.

While working in a recording studio you will be having your own space to work on and ambience at the workplace helps you to be creative and more productive. It is your duty to keep the place tidy and properly arrange the things.

Don’t ask a third person to do it for you.

There are chances that the third person might misplace the things, disconnect the wires, and throw the things you need most to the dust bin. As you are the person responsible, it might delay the work and it will be baseless to blame the person who misplaced it.

I am Sound Engineer of this event. May i help you.
For those who are working in live sound, creating a good rapport with the artists or the members of the music band for whom you are working on will help in the smooth running of the event. The artists tend to blame the sound engineers and the audio equipment even if the setback has happened from members of the music band.

Good Sound Engineers communicate with artists regarding the setting up of equipment and quality of output. Do communicate and assist the artists during the rehearsals and final performance.

The above mentioned are some of the ethics and traits which a Sound Engineer can follow. It is a fact that these ethics and traits will not bring your immediate results but it will help you to be a world-class Sound Engineering Professional in the years to come.

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