Don’t cancel all Celebrations & Festivals

Recently, The Government of Kerala has issued an order to cancel all government-sponsored cultural programs and festivals to reduce spending in the wake of floods.

This order on the 4th of September 2018, by the government, has persuaded us to write this and to seek attention on the issue from like-minded individuals and organizations associated the Sound and Light.

Frankly Speaking, this is not a politically motivated post, rather we are highlighting a social cause that will affect the subsistence of thousands of people in the state moreover we simply don’t have any affinity towards any political organizations or ideologies.

As you know the recently natural calamity in Kerala has brought in the loss worth crores of rupees in the state and one of the most affected community is the pro-audio firms and associated laborers.

Sound rental companies or pro-audio firms offers audio equipment for rent and make a living out of that, during the flood many companies have lost their equipment or got it irrecoverably damaged.

Anyway, a huge loss has happened to the industries in all sectors of Kerala and we are not trying to blame anyone.

We Sound and Light Operators of Kerala stood with the government and the people of Kerala during hard times and in relief activities by offering full support in all possible manners. In fact with the cancellation of onam programs and other live shows / cultural programs in the state for the past couple of months, those who are associated with the industry is running short of funds for wages and survival of their families.

If the government is planning to cancel all programs to reduce spending, it will be a relentless decision and a double blow on the life of sound and light operators, laborers and those associated with the Industry.

Day before yesterday, the officials of Light and Sound Association of Kerala has requested the government to re-look into the decision with regard to the cancellation of programs and festivals

When School Art Festivals and Film Festivals and other cultural programs are being conducted by the government about 95% of government funds are reaching the hands of laborers, local small shop owners which is actually beneficial for those who have gone through the hard times and the common man.

Here are some disadvantages if the government cancels all public cultural programs and art festivals,

Apart from that, the people of Kerala in the flood-affected areas are slowly recovering from the hard times and the mental trauma, the festivals and cultural programs will be a mental relief for them to recover from the distressful situations they have gone through.

As an academy associated with the audio industry we would say the government should not cancel all cultural programs and festivals or if possible spend more this year on the cultural programs, which will assist people mentally in the recovery process.

Do you think that the government should reconsider the decision and support the Sound and Light Industry in Kerala?

Share your opinion as comment below.

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