Cable Buying tips for Home Audio

It is often said that buying high-quality cables is superfluous, and those who claim that expensive cables sound better, it not always true.

A soundly crafted cable that uses carefully selected materials is a very reasonable investment – even if you do not believe in radical acoustic improvements.

Durability and Flexibility of audio cables are critical factors along with essential qualities like Better Signal Quality and Cleaner Sound.

Howdy SEA Fans, welcome to another tiptuesday blog post and today we are sharing some tips on audio cable purchase for your home audio.

1. Length of analog RCA cable
A shorter cable is the better choice. Especially, for example, to connect the front and output stage together, you should fall back on only 0.5 meters of cable length. For analog cable connections, the quality is poorer the longer the cable is.

2. Quality analog RCA cables
When buying analog RCA cables, it is essential to pay attention to a high quality.

As already mentioned in point 1, signal losses occur within analog connections, especially with long cable lengths. Therefore, it is very important to buy cables from appropriately pure, selected materials in order to minimize these signal losses.

3. Allow configuration
If the right length is not preconfigured to be ordered by the manufacturer, you can also configure different cable types from first-class manufacturers.

4. Speaker cable for the hi-fi system
The loudspeaker cable for the hi-fi system is exactly the same as for cinch cables. Quality cannot be replaced by anything here. Again, pay attention to pure, oxygen-free copper and a solid sheathing. In addition, the cable should not be longer than what is necessary.

5. Speaker cable for the surround system
The speaker cable for the surround system is: The left and right front speakers and the center speaker are particularly important.

Here a high-quality wiring is mandatory. With surround / top firing / surround back speakers, you can also take a smaller cross-section (2.5 mm) – but the good base quality is also important here. Use a high-quality 2.5 mm cable.

6. Plug for speaker cable?
We also recommend using banana plugs or other plugs for the loudspeaker cabling, as these guarantee optimum long-term stability and contact safety as well as safe, comfortable handling during connection.

7. Optical digital cable
With optical digital cables – special attention must be paid to a high-quality plug to prevent stray light losses.

8. Quality of HDMI cables
The same applies to HDMI cables: Inferior plugs and poorly processed cables are responsible for signal interruptions . Especially with long HDMI connections, eg to the projector, a high quality is absolutely necessary. Even though long HDMI cables in lengths of 10 meters and more are quite expensive, it pays off to invest accordingly.

Hope you found the tips useful and got a better idea on choosing an audio cable for your home audio.

Don’t forget to share how useful it is to you as a comment below.

Happy Sound Engineering.


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