Baahubali 2 – Audio Review

Baahubali 2 : The conclusion has got a prodigious release in 9000 screens across the world and reports of its collections has been earth shattering.

Now it is being billed as the most successful Indian film of all time well Baahubali 2 is a fantasy epic on a massive scale and is breaking box-office records not only in India but around the world. It is the third highest-grossing film in the US in the previous week and is doing very well in other countries as well as. Our faculty Sanu Dharan (Music Production) explains why Baahubali 2 – The conclusion is so special and reviews its audio and music aspects.

and here is the review.,

This special effects extravaganza is reckoned to have taken 5 billion rupees in its first week in India. What makes the sequel of Baahubali – The beginning’s success even more extraordinary is that this isn’t a Bollywood film but a Tollywood production (Telugu Movie Industry). Being made in the South Indian city of Hyderabad in the Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil languages.It’s been a sensation on the all around the globe you know back in India it’s become a phenomenon but you know the audience around the world has really embraced this film.

It’s also the Indian film industry flexing its muscles and saying look at what we can do on a fraction of the budget of Fast and Furious or Guardians of the Galaxy.  The huge scale and ambition of this production is an evidence that the Indian film industry now has the confidence to compete with Hollywood on its home turf with high budget special effect blockbusters.

About Music
Being praised by the audience and anxiety created with Baahubali: The Beginning, which premiered in 2015, S.S Rajamouli has delivered much above the expectations and the production is comparable to the production of Marvel and DC superheroes.

Talking about the music, conscientious efforts have been put forward by MM Keeravani who scored a fantastic soundtrack for Baahubali has surpassed the fans’ expectations. Each song is richly clubbed with layers of the film’s drama and narrative. With regard to orchestration of the movie it is grand in all sense and in tune with the grandeur and scale of the movie.

In the first part of the movie Baahubali : Beginning songs there was mixed response pertaining to the music, but once the movie is released, the songs were embraced like never before. The same is getting repeated in Baahubali 2 also.

I feel that, the songs were made differently for each part based on the content of the movie and the background score took the visual brilliance to next level.

About Audio
When talking about the sound part, it was a wonderful audio experience being both visuals and sounds are complimentary. Felt like the story line of the movie is somewhat predictable but the music arrangement and VFX of this movie is outstanding.

One thing which i specifically noticed is conscious efforts being put forward in which the sound of the crowd sound differs according to the place and it differs as per the camera movement.

With regard to fight scenes metals sounds and fighting sounds are perfectly designed and rivaled those Hollywood movie experiences. Besides that we are proud that one of our alumni students Subhasree Das had worked as the Sound Department of this movie.

Another noted thing is the surround panning, which is effectively and widely used during the chorus, humming etc.

Virtuosity of the film maker is obvious in the movie’s sound effects as it has been effectual in creating the ambience.

The movie is successfully running across major theatres in India as well as abroad, i would say that the reason why the second part of Baahubali franchise captivated all types of movie lovers is its best special effects, which we experienced in Hollywood blockbusters like TroyBenhurGladiator etc added with drama which satisfies Indian audience like the dance sequences, expressions and its world-class sound effects.

It is a must watch film and do watch it from theaters where you can enjoy the sound effects at its best.

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