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In today’s world the significance of a calm yet productive mind is pivotal. For Sound Engineers, who are supposed to work long hours and during wee hours needs to have a tranquil yet sharp mind.

People across the world has endorsed that Yoga / Meditation has the power to heal your mind and make it serene.

Our students who are undergoing training in the field of sound engineering has got a resplendent chance to get trained in yoga and meditation.

The training session was spearheaded by an instructor from the pioneers of yoga and meditation training in the world, Art of Living headed by Shri Shri Ravi Sankar who envisaged the need for yoga and meditation training for the common and started yoga training session across the world. There is no need to introduce the organization Art of Living and the spiritual guru Shri Shri Ravi Sankar especially for Indians.

The session has been going on in the academy for the past 4 days and today we are concluding the same. A cream of students who are interested to learn yoga and basic meditation techniques has sat in on for 1 hour session along with our faculty Mr. Sanal Kumar.

The trainer’s benign yet cordial approach has aided the students to grasp the techniques easily which will be instrumental for them in tackling the hurdles which come along their professional and personal life in a tranquil manner.

About the Trainer

A person dedicated to yoga and meditation and a follower of Art of Living for the past 10 years. When asked about session the trainer, Ratheesh has been quite excited to share the details and asserted the fact that these type of session has to be inducted into regular curriculum and any individuals can participate in these type of sessions conducted by Art of Living team in the city irrespective of their health and religious status.

The trainer Ratheesh has been working with merchant navy for several years and 10 years back has totally discarded his traveling career and shifted his focus to yoga and meditation training.

The trainer told that the mindset of students has changed and they are relived of their everyday stress and they are now focusing more on learning. Students has been imparted with techniques on handling stress and keep the mind calm during work pressure and tackling obstacles which are faced in everyday life.

Trainer Ratheesh is also accompanies by Mr.Haridas  who shared tips on positive thinking and tips on becoming successful in life with a healthy mind / body and sould. He is also a person conducting training sessions for interested groups in the city.

We thank the instructor as well as the organization Art of Living to taking time to conduct a session for our students in our academy.

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