Aravind, SEA Alumni and Senior Broadcasting Engineer

As you know the admission for the 27th batch for the Diploma in Sound Engineering and Sound Recording is going on in the academy and we are receiving queries from students from all parts of India.

When people get in touch with our admission section, we used to mention that our 1 year diploma course is uniquely designed to cover 4 major areas in sound engineering like Live Sound Reinforcement, Audio for Film, Music production and Broadcasting.

As per our experience majority of the students who have completed the course found their job in 4 respective fields stated above and that is the reason why we are emphaising on those areas.

While talking about broadcasting, many students are doubtful about the career oportunities in the field and asks about the role of Sound Engineers in the field.

You might be wondering why we are talking about this, today we are talking about an alumni student who is working with a community radio as Senior Broadcasting Engineer and revealing the fact that there are immense career opportunities in the field of Broadcasting.

Today we are introducing an alumni student, Aravind NR, who is working as Senior Broadcasting Engineer in Radio Mangalam.

Passed out of the academy in the year 2010 Aravind has worked with production services, recording studios and television channels before embarking on a career in the field of Radio Broadcasting.

When we called him he was on his way to his office and was quite enthusiastic in sharing details about his career.

Being a alumini student who recommends the diploma course from the academy to those who are looking forward to learn sound engineering and person who is in touch with several passed out students, we asked him about what he found peculiar about the academy.

Comparing the students passing out of other institutes with SEA students he has pointed that the students passing out of the academy is a true sound engineers who can work in any field related to audio rather than a person who just knows some sound editing softwares.

Sharing his view on the diploma course he said that the course is designed in such a way that a person with no basic knowledge in sound engineering can become a professional in just 1 year and all they need is the passion for the subject, commited effort to learn more and the willingness to try new technologies.

Aravind has told that the course has helped in developing a strong career in the field and it has laid the base for working with radio stations and stated that the topics included in the syllabus like audio electronics has helped him a lot during the job he is well versed i asembling audio cabled based on international and industry standards.

An audio engineer with expertise in PROTOOLS, NEUNDO, ADOBE AUDITION, SOUND FORGE & STATION PLAYLIST PRO ( Broadcasting Software), he mentioned that the course and experience he gained has provided him the confidence to setup and run a community radio station.

As mentioned earlier Aravind is now working with Radio Mangalam (a community radio being transmitted from Kottayam, Kerala and having its signal reach in parts of adjacent districts like Ernakulam, Idukki, Alleppey). The FM is now available via Android / IOS apps and according to aravind the official website of the radio channel will be launched soon.

Arvaind has completed an year with the the current organisation and previously he was working with Ahalia Voice 90.4 FM, Palakkad as Assistant Broadcasting Engineer.

After completing the course Aravind has completed a 3 months training in Months in Highbrow Production Services [Hyderabad] and later on joined Jaihind TV (Malayalam Infotainment Channel)

Arvaind had also worked as a Sound Engineer in R&S Digital, Chadayamangalam (Audio Recording Studio) as a Sound Engineer before joining Ahalia Voice 90.4 FM.

We at Sound Engineering Academy wishes Aravind all the very best in his career and taking the opportunity to express our feeling that you are an inspiration to those sound engineers who would like to develop a career in the field of radio broadcasting.

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