Aju Vijay, Live Sound Professional and Alumni of SEA

Create more friends and spend ample time for maintaining those friendships is the success mantra of this Sound Engineer.

We are proud to introduce the talented and young sound professional, who is the lifeblood of many music bands in kerala is none other than Mr. Aju Vijay.

Aju Vijay who has been specifically roped in by the organizers of the festival in providing a better sound experience has enabled many from the academy and the public to experience the intrinsic audio talents of the this professional.

Being an expert live sound reinforcement professional, bands had specifically shown deep gratitude for the efforts made by Aju Vijay after their performance. When Aju’s name was mentioned by the band members after the show there were huge round of applause from crowd who gathered there, that itself depicts the true quality of work delivered by Aju.

A commerce graduate who has got profound passion for sound has passed out of our academy in the year 2011.

Hailing from Vattiyookavu, Trivandrum we are proud to say that he is one among the best, brilliant and industrious live sound engineers ever created by Sound Engineering Academy.

While talking with him he was quite interested to share details about his career which he started by working with an audio rental company in Hyderabad.

After completing 3 fruitful years in Hyderabad, he has returned to Trivandrum to continue his professsion  passion has a Sound Engineer.

For the past 2 years, with his dedication and commitment to his career, with his passion to learn more and having the mindset of experimenting new things, he  is live sound professional being widely noticed in the sound engineering field.

Aju Vijay is now working for some of the renowned music bands in Kerala like Segments, Acapella Project, Project j, KL01, UNITITLED, Avant, Karnatrix, Gauri Lekshmi Combines, Philomela and working as chief engineer for Blessing Centre, Cochin.

The above mentioned band names are quite popular among the music lovers of kerala especially those who love western music that itself certifies the demand for this humble audio professional.

What was quite striking is that, even though Aju is a hectic and experienced live sound professional he is keen to learn more and to get updated with the developments taking place in the industry .

While talking with Aju he mentioned that he would like to learn more about sound mixing and system tuning.

Amidst the talk of the academy he expressed deep gratitude to the quality training he has undergone while studying in the academy and mentioned about the projects and case studies done during the course.

Talking about the live sound reinforcement case studies and projects which he has completed during the 1 year Diploma in Sound Engineering and Sound Recording has told that it has helped him a lot to become a better sound engineering professional and and has enabled to leap far ahead in the field when compared to professionals from other institutes.

When asked about his message to students of SEA and newbie sound engineers he has told that, to become a professional Sound Engineer it will take 3 years of dedication and one should not stop the learning process moreover try to gain optimal advantage from what is being imparted to you from the academy.

We at Sound Engineering Academy wishes you a better career and wishing all the success in your future endeavors.

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