Abhijith Unni – Professional sync sound recordist

Last week the students of Diploma in Sound Engineering were assigned on their final short film project and the crew were in need of a professional for location recording.

It was a unanimous decision to call upon Abhijith Unni, an alumni of Sound Engineering Academy (July 2012 – 2103 batch).

A professional sync sound recordist who has worked as assistant Sound Recordist for the movie Ulidavaru Kandanthe (Kannada), which got screened in Cannes Film Festival.

A moment of pride for the academy to assign the job with Abhijith Unni who had concentrated on music production / audio post production during the training in the academy and whose career has blossomed to become a professional sync sound recordist.

Exemplifying the fact that SEA certified students are making a mark in various fields related with Audio Engineering, Abijith Unni has turned out to be a successful sync sound recordist who has associated with various feature films released recently and a handful of projects to work on which are on the pipeline.

During the training process in Sound Engineering Academy, Abhijith Unni has acquired skills to work with various audio equipment and gained latest technical know-how on the sound technology.

Abhijith has started off his career by working as sound assistant for the movie ‘Ulidavaru Kandanthe (Kannada 2014).

Later on he has started working individually for film project.,

Background Scorer and Song Arranger for ‘Homely Meals’ (2014).

Audiography (Sync Sound) for ,0-41, a malayalam docu- drama (2015). The docu-drama got screened in Bayou Film Festival – The South African Film Festival 2016.

Song Arrangement for ‘Simpllag Innondu Love Story’ (Kannnada 2016)

Audiography (Sync Sound) for ‘Pallata’ (Kannada 2016).

During the talk with him he shared his experience with regard to Editing and Color Correction for TV / Commercial Productions, Cinematography for Short Films and Music Videos etc.

He told that being a sound engineer he had got opportunities to work with almost all aspects of sound like Music Production, Background Score, creating Jingles, Sound Designing, Foley, Sound and Dialogue Editing for various television programs and commercial productions.

In one of our previous posts we had mentioned that Sync Sound Recording is an emerging career field for Sound Engineers.

Slowly but steadily many sound engineers are turning their attention to sync sound / location recording for their movie projects.

We wish Abhijith Unni all success in his future endeavors.

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