9 Best Ear Training Apps

Howdy SEA Fans welcome to another tiptuesday blogpost.

Today we are discussing about Ear Training Apps.

Trained ears are quite inevitable for professional Sound Engineers as well as those who aspire to become Sound Engineers.

Paid and Free Ear Training Apps are available in play store and iTunes with which one can improve his / her aural skills.

Let’s talk about the same.

Listening to the intricacies of music is difficult.

Last week when I was sitting with our senior faculty in the studio and sharing some tips about the working of compressors to be published in this blog, he screwed the buttons and suddenly said, “Wow, it just sounds a hundred times fatter.”

Ah, well – I could not hear any difference. I knew that my hearing was not fine enough and that time I realized that a fine ear is extremely important to producing good music and it paved the way to write about the topic on this blog.

A fine ear will reflect in the quality of your work. Yes, it will help you to produce your tracks in a more targeted way, to mix them down, to take masters and music in general to a new level. Such as Active and Critical Music Listening.

To be a professional sound engineer or a musician our hearing has to adapt to the new requirements and develop further. You can accelerate the process with focused listening and targeted training.

Here are some apps both free and paid ones which you can use to effectively training your ears,

Syntorial (iOS)
There is probably no better and faster way than syntorial to learn subtractive sound synthesis. In over 100 lessons you will learn how to skillfully and purposefully implement the sounds in your head. You can always rebuild sounds – And train your hearing.

Technical Ear Training (Web Interface)
Jason Corey’s Audio Production and Critical Listening: Technical Ear Training (Audio Engineering Society Presents) and associated free apps provide the auditory training tools you have always been looking for. Whether EQ, compression, reverb or distortion – with the tools you can increase your hearing performance immensely.

MyEarTrainer – Ear Training (Android)
You can create and parametrize your own custom exercises (one for each training type in Free version).
Challenge yourself with exercises of the day. Use the statistics reports and charts to see your strengths, weaknesses, and progress.

Perfect Ear – Ear Trainer (Android)
Perfect Ear provides you with high quality, unique ear training, rhythm training and solfège capabilities. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional – you will find something that will make you a better musician.

Functional Ear Trainer (Android)
It is based on Alain’s method to learn to recognize tones. The main difference between the Functional Ear Trainer and other methods is that it teaches you to distinguish between tones in the context of a particular musical key. You begin to recognize the role (or function) of each tone in this key, which is incredibly similar to its role in other keys of the same scale.

Chord Trainer Free (Android)
The Chord Trainer Free application provides an accessible and customizable mobile platform for both professional and aspiring musicians to fine tune their aural skills, specifically in the areas of chords and chord qualities.

Complete Ear Trainer (Android)
Develop your relative pitch to the full by improving your aural skills and your music theory knowledge. This will better many aspects of your life as a musician, be it regarding improvisation, composition, arrangement, interpretation, singing, or play in a band.

Quiz Tones – Paid Version (Android & iOS)
Quiztones is great for the technical sound training on the way. You can choose between 3 different quizzes: SinWave, EQ, Gain. With EQ and Gain you can practice with different sounds of the app (for example guitar, drums, piano) or with your own music. The app is available for Mac, iOS and Android and is between 5 and 10 euros.

Better Ears – Paid Version (Android & iOS)
Better Ears is an app for musical ear training. So here you can practice intervals, scales, chord progressions and much more. It is available for Mac, iOS, and Android and costs 14 Euro.

So the above-mentioned apps are the dumbbells for your ears.

If you take one or two of them and practice them regularly, your hearing will improve tremendously in a short time and it will be easy to make the right decisions for your tracks.

And find how much more you can achieve with your equipment.


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