8 Awesome Facts about SEA Music Band Festival

The most prestigious music festival of the town, SEA Music Band Festival is just days away and we are excited to share these facts about the festival.

Conducted by SEA Students
Yes it is a fact that, the festival is being conducted by the students of Sound Engineering Academy with support from academy staff and SEA Pro. The students of the academy is actively involved from the initial planning to the final performance of the bands. This year 60 students of our 1 year diploma course has been divided into separate batches and assigned them with specific job related to sound system design and audio setup of the festival. Like every other year this inturn is a learning process of the students to experience what they have learned during the past 1 year by conducting a public event.

No Band Repeated
Some things, however, never change. Namely, the consistent solid lineups of up-and-coming music bands for the festival.
Every year we are choosing different bands and giving opportunity for upcoming as well as established bands to make their mark in the music industry. This year we have associated with those bands who hasn’t performed in the previous editions of the festival making the the whole event unique.

Back on the same venue, Bharath Bhavan
Bharath Bhavan, Thycaud has hosted the festival since its debut in 2014 and this year proves no different. The outdoor entertainment venue is located in a place where there is easy access from all parts of the city and a couple of mins drive from SEA Campus.

Variety of Genre
As always there will be top-level talent on stage.
This year also we are trying our level best to provide unique experience for the music lovers in Trivandrum by bringing in variety interms of music genre. Every year we are choosing those music bands which are performing different Genres of music. On one particular day if an band is performing alternative rock then the other day it will be another genre and another band playing same genre will not be in the list of performers during the festival.

5 Day Long Festival
This years music band festival will kick off at 7 PM on Tuesday, Aug. 15, with 5 music bands boasting free entertainment that will fit everyone’s liking.
Last year we have rocked the city for 4 days and this year we have added 1 day extra. It is been noticed that many music festivals which are being conducted in india will not continue for more than 1 day and many bands will be performing on a single which can create arrogance among the music lovers. SMBF is quite different and one of its kind in such a way that the festival is being organised for 5 days and bands will be performing during every evening from around 7 PM onwards.

No Tickets, No Ads, No Hassle
Will be you be able to attend a music band festival in the city which is performed by renowned bands without spending a penny? In fact you will have to spend at least Rs.250 per head to attend a music band festival like this moreover there will be event sponsors who are there to promote their products or services during the fest. SMBF is being organized as an ad-free public event and all music lovers in the city are invited. The festival takes place during August 15-19 and, like always, is free and open to all ages.

Yearly Performance, 4th Consecutive year
Find Your Way Back to Bharath Bhavan, Thycaud, Trivandrum for SEA Music Band Festival 2017.
If it is second week of August then it is time for the music lovers of trivandrum to enjoy mind-blowing live music performance. Sound Engineering Academy is the only exclusive audio engineering institute in India which conducts a public event like SMBF on an yearly basis and not part of any public festivals like christmas or new year celebrations. This is the 4th year the academy is conducting a live band music performance in associated with SEA Pro and for the past 3 years there was huge turnout of music lovers in the venue to enjoy it live.

What makes this year’s festival different?
The high light of this year’s SEA Music Band Festival is performance of SEA Music Band. For the past several years the academy is nurturing a vision to form a SEA Music Band in which the members of the band will be SEA Students and this year our students have that vision into reality. Since the start of the senior diploma students batch in August 2016, a music club has been active in the academy and there was monthly in-campus performance by the members. On the final day of SEA Music Band Festival 2017 there will performance by SEA Band. All the best students.

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