7 New Age Career Opportunities for Sound Engineers

Traditionally the Sound Engineers are supposed to work in Motion Picture and Video Industries, Sound Recording Industries, Radio and Television Broadcasting, Performing Arts Companies and work with Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers where there is rigid competition and lots of people are looking for jobs in the same industries.

For Sound Engineers some traditional careers pathways which they considered were, Live Concert Engineer, Studio Engineer, Sound Designer, Mastering engineer, Remixing Engineer, Music Producer, Audiovisual Technician, Audio Freelancer etc.

One thing can’t be ignored that the industries mentioned above provided the most no of opportunities for sound engineers and they still outrank other industries in creating jobs for audio engineering professionals.

In the recent years the job market got diversified with the advancement of technology and bestowed sound engineers with new career options.

About 10 years back when Sound Engineers who pass out of our institution looks for jobs in the the traditional market and now a days their career horizon has expanded thanks to the technological advancements and the huge demand for professional quality sound.

App development
Technological advancements in mobile technology and the introduction of OS based mobiles like Android / IOS phones, paved the way for a new arena of career opportunities for Sound Professionals. Major companies had already kick-started the work of various apps that make use of sound like Google Now and Microsoft Cortana. One of our student is working as a recording engineer for Cortana, a audio based app from Microsoft. Many companies are developing / new sound based apps are on the pipe line which creates job opportunities for Sound Engineering professionals.

Sync Sound or Live / Location Recording Engineer
In a country like India where more than 1000 movies are produced every year the dialogues in the movie is still being dubbed in the studio. The application of Sync Sound gains importance when movies turn to live recording. Sync Sound has been widely used in movies since the birth of sound movies. In India the system of live recording have started gaining importance and so the career opportunities of location recording engineer and recording engineer. For becoming a location sound recording engineer a person should have adequate technical expertise as lots of things has to be considered while recording live sound.

System Tuner / Consultant
Unlike in the yesterdays where firms go for rental audio equipment, now they install permanent audio equipment. The job of a system tuner starts here. He has the responsibility to fine-tune the whole system wherein the audio equipment produce quality output. Sound system consultants should have knowledge of room acoustics and environmental acoustics as it affects the propagation of sound. Those who are planning to become a sound system consultant must gain expertise in sound reinforcement products and the installation of those products.

Gaming Industry
Every time people want to get more out of their favorite games. Sound plays a pivotal role in entertaining the person who plays the game. The gaming industry is always on the look out for talent sound professionals who are creative enough to design the audio part of games they develop. The Audio Engineer produces a sound design for the game which involves the composing, scoring and recording of music. They are responsible for sourcing any sound effects that are needed, improving or creating them where necessary. Even though most of the audio jobs in the gaming industry are contract positions you can get regular job if you are skilled.

Parks / Hotels / Malls / Stadiums
In the past decade the people of India have witnessed the surge of malls / amusement parks / entertainment parks / theme parks / hotels in all major cities of India. Events of various types are happening everday in these parks / shopping locations and all these establishments needs Sound Engineers to operate and tune the sound system which are permanent installations. In five star rated hotels / resorts where there is regular programs / events taking place, they used to recruit audio engineers on a permanent basis. In sporting stadiums also the audio engineers has been quite instruments in the controlling the audio system and deliver quality audio for the spectators.

The students participation and turn up has been overwhelming and we take this opportunity to thank all those who are associated with the event in makiStudio Designer / Acoustic Consultant
The job of an acoustic consultant is diverse and he is supposed to deliver his expertise in variety of fields. For becoming an acoustical consultant you should be having a strong knowledge about the basics of audio engineering. We are living in a world of noise pollution, as an acoustics consultant you would help to manage and control the noises and vibrations that surround us in our home, workplace and environment helping people to lead a life with calm mind. It takes years of experience and to become a demanding yet professional acoustic consultant and he is supposed to be creative personal as well as posses a practical approach to problem solving.ng it a success.

Special thanks to Padmakumar and Team for elating us with the fascinating world of Hindustani Music and making the day a jubilant one for us.

There are many companies in the market which sells quality audio products. For those who are interested in the sales and marketing of audio products can dive into that profession. For students who are passing out of our academy possess strong technical background.

The companies dealing with the sales of audio products looks for individuals having technical background in Sound Engineering. Some of our previous students are working in the sales and installation department of world class audio companies.

After sharing the job opportunities listed above we felt that the future of Sound Engineering Professionals is bright if they are having apt technical know-how and if they are well updated on the technical advancements in the Industry.

Article is mainly written on Indian context as many of these career opportunities are prevalent in many of other countries around the world.

If you feel that there are new career options other than those mentioned above, feel free to share your view as a comment.

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